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Sep 02, 2021
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Chinese TV Host Tian Liu Calls For Using Iron Fist To Punish Lithuania For Exchanging Diplomatic Offices With Taiwan: We Should 'Kill The Chicken To Frighten The Monkey,' So Countries Know Not To Mess With China

#9087 | 04:43
Source: The Internet - "Weibo"

After Lithuania exchanged diplomatic offices with Taiwan, the Chinese government started putting diplomatic and economic pressure on the Lithuanian government. Chinese media also started using increasingly aggressive language to describe the diplomatic conflict between the two countries. In a recent Weibo post from September 2, 2021, influential Chinese TV host and military reporter Tian Liu called Lithuania "a small rogue country with a population of less than 3 million," and she called on China to use an "iron fist" to punish the Baltic nation. Tian Liu applauded the use of trade as a "diplomatic weapon" and described Lithuania as a "pet dog" to the United States. She also mocked the commitment of the United States to support its allies after the recent U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Tian Liu: "Lithuania is a relatively unknown country to most ordinary Chinese, and we might not even have noticed this small Eastern European country were it not for their recent unwarranted provocations over Chinese sovereignty. China's diplomacy has always been about equality. No matter how big or small a country is or how strong or weak it is, any country that challenges our country's red lines must pay a price. After their persistent challenge to the 'One-China policy,' our country decided to recall our ambassador to Lithuania and ask the opposite side to withdraw its ambassador to China as well. This is already a very serious warning. In the 72 years since the founding of our country, it is still rare to issue such a stern warning in the diplomatic field. This shows that Lithuania really angered the Chinese government this time. How dare such a small country challenge our great nation? Let's teach them a lesson! This time, China is not discussing with Lithuania, but ordering them to immediately cease their wrong actions and withdraw their wrong remarks, and take the initiative to apologize. If they do not do so, we are bound to take more and stronger countermeasures, even severing diplomatic ties.

"However, the Lithuanian government apparently didn't realize that it was facing a catastrophe and continued its tough talk. Not only did it say it had done nothing wrong, but it also said it would not bow down to China. Their attitude can be described as the most arrogant! But it doesn't matter, we have seen so many arrogant countries, but each one will eventually learn the same lesson: Do not mess with China! Since Lithuania is obstinate, we don't mind making it suffer a little. There is news recently that Chinese companies will suspend direct rail freight to Lithuania. Gao Fend, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, would not confirm or deny the news, and some authoritative sources said the move was highly likely. No doubt, once the rumor becomes true, it would be a big blow to the other side. But then we threw a third punch at Lithuania. The media reported on the 23rd that Lithuanian exporters began to complain that China had stopped buying cheese, timber, and grain after relations between the two sides had reached a deadlock. China's big timber traders, for example, are considering leaving for other markets. And local milk processing factories have stopped supplying China due to a sharp drop in orders. The general manager of a Lithuanian company said in an interview that he felt very helpless, because 99% of the goods of his company were sold to China in the past, but now the sales suddenly stopped, and he had no choice but to move the company to other E.U. member states.

"As far as we know, this information has not been confirmed by our side, but the Ministry of Commerce has made it clear that Lithuania's blatant violation of the spirit of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries has damaged China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and this behavior will seriously affect the confidence of enterprises of both sides to carry out cooperation. In addition, domestic experts also pointed out that Lithuania has made a mistake of principle this time, so the impact on economy and trade is almost inevitable. The normal development of bilateral relations in the future depends on the attitude of the Lithuanian government, that is, if they do not reconsider, everything is possible. It is worth mentioning that this is supposed to be a conflict between China and Lithuania, but Washington has repeatedly jumped out to stir the pot and maliciously fanned the flames. After China recalled its ambassador, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Sherman immediately said that they would stand together with Lithuania to face the 'coercion' in a vain attempt to cheer it on. In a recent phone call with Lithuania's foreign minister, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken once again unreasonably accused us of taking steps to defend our sovereignty and described Washington's support for Lithuania as 'as firm as steel.'

"But after careful analysis, the so-called support of the United States is in fact nothing at all. It is just lip service, no guns, no money, and it fooled Lithuania with just a few words. [Lithuania] is really like a pet dog that has to fetch its own dog food. Moreover, Washington's commitment comes at a time when the United States is once again abandoning its allies in the face of its historic defeat in Afghanistan. This whole situation presents itself vividly, and it's hard to see how they have the face to talk about those big words. If you want to talk about the degree of thick skin and shamelessness, American politicians are the number one for sure. Let's go back to the topic that we would no longer buy relevant Lithuanian products. Many 'netizens' decided to support this decision, mockingly saying that Lithuania should sell their products to the United States. Others think that we should step up our efforts to hit back. Why not 'kill the chicken to frighten the monkey'? Frankly speaking, the trade volume between China and Lithuania is not much, and totally insignificant to China. If they don't feel pinched, we don't mind cutting them off completely. For a small rogue country with a population of less than 3 million, an iron fist might be the best way to respond."

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