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Nov 04, 2018
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Texas Imam Nadim Bashir: Shame on American Muslims Who Do Not Vote Because They Say This Is the Land Of Infidels

#6847 | 01:01
Source: The Internet - "EPIC Mosque on YouTube"

Texas Imam Nadim Bashir said that there are Muslim community members who avoid voting by making the excuse that the U.S. is an infidel country with infidel laws. He said that these people misunderstand the Quran and the Sunnah, and that they are living in the wrong place and should be ashamed if that is their argument. Imam Bashir said: "You live in this land, you use the money of this land, you raise your children in this land, and you benefit from here, because you know what's going on overseas and you don't want to raise your children over there, and then this is the excuse that you provide? Shame on you." Imam Bashir was born in Florida and preaches at the East Plano Islamic Center ("EPIC Masjid") in Plano, TX. His remarks were streamed live on the EPICMASJID YouTube channel on November 2, 2018.


Imam Nadim Bashir: Please go to the polls and vote. You know what the problem is? We have brothers and sisters, unfortunately, in the community, who don’t understand the Quran, who don’t understand the Sunna of the Prophet very well and they come up with verses [from the Quran stating] that this is the land of the infidels and this is the land where they use the laws of the infidels. If that is what your case is, if that is your argument – I am sorry to tell you, you are living in the wrong place. Don’t use that argument. Shame on you if you use that argument. You live in this land, you use the money of this land, you raise your children here in this land, you have benefitted from here. Because we know what is going on overseas. We don’t want to raise our children over there – and then this is the excuse that you provide?! Shame on you! 

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