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Aug 17, 2018
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Texas Imam Hasan Khalil: The Woman’s Husband Is Her Path to Heaven; She Should Submit to His Command, Fix Her Schedule According to His

#6749 | 03:57
Source: Online Platforms - "EPIC Mosque on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon at the East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC) in Plano, TX, Imam Hasan Khalil said that the best woman is "the one who submits to the command of her husband," because the husband is the woman’s path to heaven. He advised women to fix their schedule according to their husband's, saying that a woman who goes to lectures while her husband has to serve himself and eat alone has "no idea what religion is." Citing the Prophet Muhammad that "a woman who understands the rights of her husband would not sit until her husband finishes his [meal]," Imam Khalil lamented that women are willing to work as waitresses, serving other people for a small hourly wage, while their husbands support them. He also said that men who do not give their wives money to spend "do not understand [their] religion." The August 17 sermon was live streamed on EPIC's YouTube channel.

Following are excerpts:


Imam Hasan Khalil: Husband is heaven or hell to the woman.




A righteous woman, and of course this is what you're supposed to marry, that's the command of the Prophet, she will fix her schedule according her husband's schedule. It's not when he comes from work, you're asleep, and you're awake when he goes to work. It's not you eat at a different time and he comes and he eats alone. It's not you do your studying and your school and all of that when your husband wants to sit and talk to you. You arrange your time based and according to the husband's time, not your time, because he is your heaven. Nowadays, these days, brothers, you can sister-worship all you want, and pray all you want, and fast all you want, it will not equal taking care of your husband.




The best of all women… Sisters, look at each other, who is better than me, me or you? The one who submits to the command of the husband is the best of all women.




We're not going to go and tell all the sisters, go fight, and go struggle, and go suffer, and do all of those things that people do, no. Just look good, dress good, please your husband when he looks at you, equals all that.




Statistics prove that in Muslim countries, women who work, 30% of their income they spend on make-up and such. Thirty percent. And guess what, for whom is this make-up and such? It's not for the husband, it's for the outside world. The husband pays and takes care of you day and night, and support and everything, and you don't even try to look good for your husband.




Women are chasing every good thing and they're forgetting the best thing at home. When the sister goes out to lectures and stuff, and the husband comes home to be alone, or to eat alone, or to serve himself alone, by God she has no idea what religion is.




[The Prophet Muhammad] said that if the woman understands the rights of her husband, she will not sit until he finishes his food and his drink. Yet, she is willing to go for ten dollars an hour and sit as a waitress and serve the entire universe for ten dollars. And her husband gives her thousands, and spends on her thousands, and [he is] the way to heaven.




How many of us ever thank our wives for doing the shopping, and how many wives thank their husbands for paying for the shopping, and how many of you intensify their giving to their wives in these days, when one dollar to your wife is better than any dollar you give for the sake of Allah? Did you give your wife more money to spend? No. Why? Because you don't understand the religion. Because you think, "Oh, I just come to Friday prayer, and I just come to read Quran, and do this, and all that, that's all Allah wants…" Brothers, focus on your life, in particular, wife. And, sisters, focus on your husband these days. Make the happiness there. Don't think and reflect and question why. Rather, say "I hear and I obey, my goal is heaven and anything that takes me to heaven, what a wonderful thing."

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