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Jun 06, 2020
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Texas-Based Shiite Scholar Shamshad Haider: Imam Khomeini Is Not Just Any World Leader Like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin; Islam Should Dominate The World And Bring Justice To Humanity

#8132 | 01:31
Source: Online Platforms - "AIM Islam Youtube channel "

Shiite Islamic scholar Molana Shamshad Haider of the Islamic Education Center in Houston, TX was featured in a two-hour-long tribute to the leader of Iran's Revolution Imam Khomeini in honor of the 31st anniversary of his death, the tribute was streamed live on the AIM Islam YouTube channel on June 6, 2020. He said that Imam Khomeini had been an international leader for all the Muslims of the world, and that this enabled him to inspire Muslims to support the people of Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, and elsewhere. Haider elaborated that his role was greater in scope than leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, and Stalin, and he added that Islam should dominate the world and bring justice to humanity. The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) is a Shiite Islamic organization, which is based in the UK and is endorsed by representatives of Ayatollah Khamenei in the UK and the Red Crescent.

Shamshad Haider: "If we use the word 'imam,' we will be reinforcing that idea that yes, for example, Khomeini is an international leader and a global leader for all the Muslims of the world.


"If we call [Khomeini] a 'leader,' then he stands with the rest of the leaders, like Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, Stalin, and other leaders of the world. [That would] bring him down and compare him - limit his role - and compare him with the rest of the leaders.


"If one part of the [Islamic] nation is under attack, it becomes the duty of the rest of the Muslims to come to their help and support. But if Ayatollah Khomeini is a leader [only] of Iran, then the people of Iran wouldn't feel obligated to go out and support the people of Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, or elsewhere.


"This religion should dominate in a real sense and bring justice to humanity."

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