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Dec 23, 2014
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Terror Victims Confront ISIS Detainees on Iraqi TV

#4688 | 01:53
Source: Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

In an Al-Iraqiyya TV program, titled ""In the Grip of the Law," ISIS detainees are taken to the scene of a terror attack, where they are confronted by members of their victims' families.

Following are excerpts from the program, which aired on December 24, 2014:

TV host: Dear viewers, this is another place that was targeted by a car bomb, planted by the terrorist Nael "Abu Muhammad" Muhammad. The car came from the Tikrit road, crossed the Maysalun Bridge, and eventually arrived here. This is a residential area with some shops.


Iraqi citizen: Let me ask you: Are you married?

Nael "Abu Muhammad" Muhammad: Yes.

Iraqi citizen: How would you like it if I got your family into a booby-trapped car, and blew it up right in front of you? Would you like that? What did this girl do to you? She just went to get bread, and the car exploded near her. How does your conscience let you do such a thing? Go blow it up next to your own home. Where do you live, anyway? Isn't there a marketplace near your home?

Nael "Abu Muhammad" Muhammad: Yes, there is.

Iraqi citizen: So why didn't you blow it up there? Because they might have recognized you?

Nael "Abu Muhammad" Muhammad: It's not me. The man who sent me would not agree to doing it near…

Iraqi citizen: Okay, that man has no conscience. Do you have one?!

Nael "Abu Muhammad" Muhammad: Anyone who does such a thing has no conscience.

Iraqi citizen: If you had a conscience, you would not have done it here or anywhere else. But you have no conscience and no religion, or else you wouldn't have done it. This is what you call Jihad? This girl was wounded in the attack that took place here.

Girl, injured in attack: Why did you do it? Are you pleased with yourself?


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