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Jul 24, 2017
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Tennessee Imam AhmedulHadi Sharif Warns Zionists Might Destroy the Kaaba

#6272 | 02:55
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center of Tennessee on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon delivered in Antioch, Tennessee, Somali-American Imam AhmedulHadi Sharif said that the Zionists, the "number one terrorists in the world," had "kidnapped" the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Imam Sharif prayed to Allah to "inflict Your revenge upon them" and to "make a deterrent example out of them." He further said: "If we lose Jerusalem – know that it is not going to stop there... The enemies of Allah will come and try to destroy the Kaaba." The Friday sermon was delivered at the Islamic Center of Tennessee, in Antioch, Nashville, and was posted on the center's YouTube channel on July 24.


AhmedulHadi Sharif: "The Zionists, the number one terrorists in the world, had occupied and kidnapped that land a long time ago. Now they want to add the Al-Aqsa Mosque to their occupations. They kidnapped it, and the call to prayer was not raised since then.




"There is fabricated history that they placed, claiming that land to be their lands. But the truth that the historians had proved is that it was the land of Palestinians, the land of Arab Palestinians, since day one. Maybe some empires would conquer here and there, but the majority of the residents in that land were always Palestinians. When the Ottoman Empire fell, the Jews were only 3% of the communities living there. They were living in peace with the Muslims.




"We do not hate the ethnic Jewish [people]. Rather, we do hate the Zionist oppressors. The prophets of Allah – some of them were from the Israelites, so we do not have a problem, ethnically, with them. But politically, the Zionist politics... They come and take a land of the people, claiming that this is the Promised Land, and they call themselves from all over the world – West and East – so they can take over people's land. After that, they say: 'Let us have peace.' And they are still blocking the roadways to peace.




"When I used to go to school in my country, back home, we used to recite songs. One of them we used to say constantly: 'Jerusalem belongs to us, not to Israel.' We used to repeat that. Jerusalem belongs to us. It is the property of all Muslims. The issue of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is not the problem of Palestinians only. It is a problem of the entire Islamic nation. This is a sacred place for the Muslims. Today, if we lose Jerusalem – know that it is not going to stop there. They are going to come... The enemies of Allah will come and try to destroy the Kaaba. They will not stop there.




"They will have humiliation in this world. They could go up, as much as they want, but the wrongdoers and oppressors will always lose at the end.




"The Zionists exceeded all bounds in their oppression and tyranny. Oh Allah, inflict Your revenge upon them. Do not let their banners fly high, and do not let them achieve their goals. Make a deterrent example out of them. Oh Allah, defeat them, convulse them, and support us."

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