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Apr 24, 2021
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Tehran University Professor Ebrahim Mottaghi: The Jews Control The Media, Economy, Banks, Politics, Technology, Thought In The U.S. – This Grants Them High Status

#8814 | 01:53
Source: Fars TV (Iran)

Dr. Ebrahim Mottaghi, a professor at Tehran University said that Jews control all the "new main centers of power" in that the U.S. and this grants them a high status. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Fars TV (Iran) on April 24, 2021. Dr. Mottaghi said that the Jews control the media, banks, think tanks, the economy, and the development of technology and thought. He added that there are only six million Jews among 330 million Americans, but they hold special positions in the power structure.

Dr. Ebrahim Mottaghi: Generally speaking, the Democrats hold the Jews in higher esteem. Why? Because the Jews play a significant role in the new main American centers of power. First of all, most of the media is under Jewish control. Secondly, the banking sector is controlled by the Jews. Thirdly, the think tanks that operate in America in the fields of economics, politics, and foreign policy – a large number of those are Jewish. So there are six million Jews among the 330 million [Americans] but it should be noted that they hold special positions in the power structure and the most significant outcome of this is that they can achieve a [high] status. If you control the economy, the politics, and the creation of technology and thought, it is only natural that you shall win a higher status in the power structure."

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