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Nov 05, 2004
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Tehran University Friday Sermon by Iranian Leader Khamenei: Our Nuclear Weapon Is Our Youth

#326 | 01:52
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)
Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at Tehran University by Iranian lLeader Ali Khamenei:

Ali Khamenei: [Iran] is being accused of wanting to manufacture nuclear weapons. No sir! We are not thinking of nuclear weapons. I've said this many times. Our nuclear weapon is this people. Our nuclear weapon is this youth. We don't want nuclear weapons. A regime, which has so many believing youth and such a united people, doesn't need nuclear weapons. The manufacturing of nuclear weapons, their possession or their use – any of these creates problems. I have also expressed my Islamic legal opinion in the past. It is clear and everyone knows it. The dispute is not over this. They're just saying this and they know it.

They are concerned because the public supports the regime. They are concerned because our youth is blessed with the spirit of Jihad. They are concerned because our youth are believers.

The European gentlemen who are so in love with human rights and who care so much about human rights – these atrocities [in Palestine] are perpetrated before their very eyes. In many cases they keep silent and in many cases they support the oppressing party. It's amazing… let alone America… America itself is an accomplice. The US administration have their hands elbow-deep in the Palestinian blood. If any court were to rule on the Palestinian issue, the defendants would not be only Sharon and the Zionists. The US administration, Bush and his gang, would be in the forefront of the defendant's seat.

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