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Dec 08, 2017
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Tehran Friday Sermon by Ahmad Khatami: Attack the Occupying Criminal Regime; Turn the Zionist Regime's Day into a Black Night

#6329 | 03:27
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

In a Tehran Friday sermon on December 8, following Trump's Jerusalem declaration, Iranian Assembly of Experts member Ahmad Khatami said that "the cry 'Death to Israel' represents God's aversion and wrath." He called to "attack the occupying regime," saying that Trump's declaration has showed "that the Palestinian cause can only be resolved through Intifadas" and adding that Intifadas "turn the Zionist regime's day into a black night." The sermon was broadcast by Iran's Channel 1 TV.


Ahmad Khatami: Even the allies of America issued statements strongly condemning [Trump's Jerusalem] declaration. But this is not enough. In addition to the condemnations, actual steps must be taken. As the Jihad-fighting leader of Hizbullah said, one such step would be the recall of ambassadors [from Israel], and the closing of the embassies of the Zionist regime worldwide.


Crowd: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!

Khamenei is the leader!

Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent!

Death to America!

Death to England!

Death to the hypocrites!

Death to Israel!


Ahmad Khatami: The enemy has become insolent because America and the Zionist regime have realized that the turmoil and demonstrations go on for a while and then stop. They must not stop. The demonstrations and shouts must continue until the Zionist regime completely rescinds this criminal decision. Another thing is the sacred march that you will undertake after the Friday sermon. Don't underestimate its value. God loves this march and these cries. The cry "Death to Israel" represents God's aversion and wrath.


Crowd: Death to Israel!

Death to Israel!

Death to Israel!


Ahmad Khatami: Another point: With his decision, Trump drew a red line over the talks that have been going on for the past 70 years, and showed that the Palestinian cause can only be resolved through Intifadas. These Intifadas turn the Zionist regime's day into a black night. Attack this occupying regime! The more damage you do to this occupying criminal regime the more it will please God.



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