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Nov 12, 2004
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Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came to Say Death to Israel, Death to America

#364 | 04:31
Source: Tehran TV (Iran)IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam2 TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from the coverage of the Iranian TV of "Jerusalem Day":

Presenter: Darling, what is your name?

Child: Mahdi Mallaki

Presenter: My Mahdi, what day is it today?

Child: Today is Jerusalem day.

Presenter: Global Jerusalem day. Why do you think people have come to the streets? Why did you yourself wake up and come here?

Child: To defend the people in Jerusalem.

Presenter: How can we defend them? What do you want to tell them? What is your message to the people of Palestine?

Puppet: Wow look how many children…

Presenter: I say Jerusalem will be liberated.

Puppet: Allah willing.

Presenter: As long as it takes, Jerusalem will be liberated.

Puppet: Yes.

Presenter: Oh Lord, we hope that Jerusalem, the first qibla of Islam, will be soon liberated. May all the children of the world, especially in Palestine, be able to live side by side in peace and love.

Puppet: What is it?

Presenter: Why do you think bad people cannot see that the rest of the people live side by side in peace? Do you know why, Auntie?

Puppet: Aunt, I think that part of this is because they want to harass people, so that good compassionate people die, and in order to live in this world alone. They are so selfish that they don't want the compassionate people to live. That's why. They want everything to themselves.

Presenter: Dear children, these Israelis are so oppressive and evil that they don't even have mercy on the Palestinian women and children. My little flowers, close your eyes so we can feel together the hardship of the Palestinian children. Imagine that we are sitting in our homes next to our father and mother, and suddenly the enemy attacks us.

Puppet: Oh no.

Presenter: And takes away our home.

Reporter: Why did you come here?

Child: I came to say that I love them [the Palestinian children] with all my heart.

Reporter: Oh Muslim Palestinian child, you are so courageous, you are so brave. the stone that is thrown from your hand toward the godless enemies, the angles in heaven will crash it like bombs and missile on the enemies' heads.

Reporter: Dear viewers, the Palestinian children say: "Even if they take us all to the slaughterhouse, the door of Jihad and Intifada will not be closed."

Why did you come to take part in the parade?

Child: I came to say, "Death to Israel" and "Death to America." And I also have a piece to recite.

Reporter: Yes you have a piece to recite, let's listen together:

Reporter: In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful. Peace upon Jerusalem. Peace upon Palestine. Peace upon the creative children of Palestine. Who defend Jerusalem with resistance and perseverance. My dear fighters, we, the children of Iran, are participating in the Jerusalem Day parade in order to support you, and we will chant the slogan: "Death to Israel." May Palestine prevail. Long live Jerusalem, long live Palestine.

Reporter: Well done. My blessings to you children who have came here today, to express solidarity with the oppressed children of Palestine.

My child, why did you come here today?

Child: I came to tell the children of Palestine: Together we oppose America. Like you, we fight America.

Child: Well done. How are you, young man? How many years have you been participating in Global Jerusalem Day?

Child: This is the fourth year.

Reporter: The fourth year. What do you have to say to the oppressed children of Palestine?

We came here to defend the Palestinians [and say] that Israel won't be able to do anything. Do you know what parade you came to? The parade for… - Jerusalem. Jerusalem Day. Give me a good slogan. Death to Israel. Look how their decisive slogans are a fist in the mouths of the butchers.

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