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Mar 15, 2007
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Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came To Do the “Death to America” Thing

#362 | 01:35
Source: Channel 3 (Iran)
The following are excerpts from the Iranian TV coverage of the "Jerusalem Day" that was celebrated in Iran on the last Friday of the Ramadan:

Reporter: As you can see, I am here with our good fighting public. Everyone has gathered here in support of the oppressed in Palestine. Standing next to me are two little flowers. One of them is holding a gun. He came with the gun in support of the oppressed in Palestine. My dear, why did you come here?

Child I came to participate in the march to liberate Jerusalem.

Reporter: I bless you, my flower. Good for you. What about you?

Child: I came for my mother…

Reporter: You came with your mother for the Palestinians, right?

Child: Yes.

Reporter: That’s great, my flower.

My dear child, what is your name?

Child: Ali Aram.

Reporter: My dear Ali, who did you come with?

Child: With my father.

Reporter: What day is today?

Child: Jerusalem Day.

Reporter: What did you come for?

Child: We came to do the “death to America” thing.

Reporter: May you have a long life. What is your name?

Child: Amir.

Reporter: My dear Amir, how old are you?

Child: I'm in fourth grade.

Reporter: Who did you come with?

Child: With my father.

Reporter: Do you know what today is?

Child: Yes.

Reporter: What is today?

Child: Palestine.

Reporter: Jerusalem Day, Palestine Day. Why did you come?

Child: I came to defend the Palestinian state.

Reporter: What do you have to say to the Palestinian children?

Child: I say to the Palestinian children that I am defending them.

Reporter: That's great.

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