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Jun 12, 2018
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Egyptian TV Host Tawfiq Okasha: The Jews Control the World Economy, Started World War II, Sacrificing a bunch of Jews in the Holocaust

#6645 | 08:15
Source: Assema TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host and former MP Tawfiq Okasha made several antisemitic addresses on his show on Assema TV, stating that the Jews rule the world by taking "the throne of the world economy as well as the throne of the sciences of the world" and controlling the media, according to "a plan devised in 1774." Among other statements made in his June 12 and 13 shows, Okasha claimed that the Jews "started World War II," "spurred Hitler into raiding the world," and "sacrificed a bunch of Jews, who died in the crematories of the Holocaust." Okasha recently resurfaced, after a long period of absence from the public scene after his 2016 meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, a meeting that aroused controversy in Egypt and led to his dismissal from his post as MP, and the shutting down of his TV channel. This is not the first time that Okasha has made antisemitic remarks. For comments made in 2012, when he owned the Faraeen TV channel, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 3444 Tawfiq Okasha, Owner Of Faraeen TV: The Jews Are Using The Same Policy Used By Hitler, But In A Way That Does Not Involve Bloodshed, February 28, 2012.

Tawfiq Okasha: "Who said: 'The end justifies the means'? It was Machiavelli. Who was Machiavelli? He was one of the Jewish rabbi philosophers. You have to know who said this and what his nationality and religion were. Religion is a very important element. It is not a trivial thing. The same goes for Karl Marx. It is a big deal, a very big deal. What's the story of this Karl Marx? He was a man from the Balkans, from Russia. He was a Jew, who was initially a rabbi, a R-A-B-B-I, which means a Jewish cleric. Afterwards he became a philosopher and philosophized for a while, until he turned into a researcher and invented the socialist sciences. So who invented the socialist sciences? Karl Marx the Jew, who was a Freemason – one of the 13 members of the global Masonic council.

"Of course, I have the utmost respect for the Jews. I bow in respect to them. Why? Because these people know how to operate, how to think, how to plan, and how to execute. What is our problem with the Jews? We have only two problems with them: Our first problem is that they own the major sciences and we don’t. The second problem is that they own about 80% of the world economy. All the while, they number less than 19 million people worldwide. These people devised a plan in 1774 – a plan that has been passed down from one generation to the other. Since the 16th century [sic] – or rather, the 17th century [sic] – it has been passed down, and every generation implements and improves it. They have been improving it every 50 years or so, until they managed to take the throne of the world economy, as well as the throne of the sciences of the world. That’s it. Now they rule the world.


"They own both types of science: Science that is useful to humanity, and the science that is detrimental to humanity, and they use both. In order to benefit from their control of science and the economy, they took over the media. Now they have the so-called 'triangle of control.' What is the triangle of the Jews called? The triangle of control.


"After Karl Marx had done his thing and had invented the Communist doctrine, he converted to Christianity. If you run a search, you will see that Karl Marx was a Christian – as if the Jews had nothing to do with him. Do you see how they operate? The truth is that these people are very good at this.


"They started World War II, from Germany. They spurred Hitler into raiding the world. The Jews have a religious belief that for the sake of elevating the Israelites, there is no problem with sacrificing some Israelites, since they will go to Heaven anyway. So they sacrificed a bunch of Jews, who died in the crematories of the Holocaust, and in the war that was waged by Hitler. All the while, one of Hitler's most important advisors, the girl Hitler loved, and the small circle around him were all basically Jews, but they pretended to follow other religions, in order to gain Hitler's trust. The story ended with Germany's defeat.


"After World War II, a conflict emerged between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. The Jews created this conflict. They are very good at this.


"They brought to the leadership of the U.S.S.R. an illiterate president, who could not read or write. He was a president who could not read or write. I forget his name.


"After World War II, we can see the magnitude of the Jewish control of the world economy. In the Western bloc, they are number one. The Israelites have complete control of the economy of NATO. They initiated the project called the Marshall Plan, the purpose of which was to rebuild Germany. Germany was divided into two – the eastern part fell under Soviet control, and the western part fell under American control. So they implemented the Marshall Plan in the western part of Germany, which was under American control. They wanted the Germans to earn them money. The Jews respect the Germans and fear them very much. This is why they obsessively control the German economy. You must know that Deutsche Bank, the central bank of Germany... Who owns 80% of the central bank of Germany? Two Jewish families: the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. That’s it. They own the bank of all banks.

"Who owns the central bank of the United States? It is owned by Jewish businessmen. Let's go to England. Who owns the central bank of England? It is owned by Jewish businessmen. Let's go to France. Who owns the central bank of France? It is owned by Jewish businessmen. Let's go to Switzerland, the neutral country. Who owns 70% of the central bank of Switzerland? The Jews. Belgium? Owned by the Jews. Holland, Poland, all the... Holland especially... What about the central bank of Italy? Owned by the Jews. That’s it. As long as you own the central banks in those important countries, you control their economy."

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