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May 22, 2020
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Taliban Publishes English-Language Video Showing Fighters Training, Carrying Out Operations

#8016 | 23:25
Source: The Internet

On May 22, 2020, Manba' Al-Jihad, the audiovisual department of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Commission for Cultural Affairs, uploaded a 22-minute video titled "Real Men." In the video, which shows Taliban fighters training and carrying out operations, narrators describe mujahideen as real men, as opposed to the "deviants" who support the West, atheism, communism, corruption, and Satan. The video is in English and Pashto with English subtitles, and was also uploaded in Arabic and Persian versions.

Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor: "This Jihad will continue until the Word of Allah and Shari'ah is implemented in our land."

Narrator 1: "The followers of the truth and the falsehood have always been in conflict with each other throughout their history. On one hand, if the satanic people and the enemies of the religion have tried to mislead the people, on the other hand, the lions and real men with their unshakeable determination and disbelief-crushing message of..."

Qur'an reciter: "'And say, Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood [by nature], ever bound to depart.' [Al-Isra: 81]"

Narrator 1: "...have warned people from deviation and invited them to the right path and will continue to do so."

Molvi Muhammad Omar: "The aim and purpose of Jihad is to establish the rule and government of Allah SWT upon the people."

Narrator 1: "Allah almighty creates dedicated mujahideen and real men in the Muslim ummah in every age to fight against the falsehood, hypocrisy, oppression, and chaos to the best of their abilities, and to elevate the Islamic ummah to the highest level of honor. Real men are those who have been trained in the school of Islam and for whom divine Shari'ah is of the highest value."

Narrator 2: "But the deviants are those who have been trained in the poisonous, deviant beliefs of atheism, communism, secularism, democracy, and other satanic, western, and disbelieving ideologies in order to mislead the Muslims with their deviant ideologies."

Narrator 1: "Real men are the people who follow the path of the Holy Qur'an and Shari'ah."

Narrator 2: "The deviants are the people who work for the implementation of secularism and deviant laws instead of Shari'ah."

Narrator 1: "Real men are the mujahideen who stand by their people in their joys, in their pains, in their troubles."

Narrator 2: "The deviants are the people who follow in Satan's footsteps and lead people to corruption, prostitution, immorality, irreligion, slavery, and Westernism."

Narrator 1: "The real men are the real defenders of Islam and Muslims, and the mujahideen fighting against the invaders."

Narrator 2: "But the deviant people, at the behest of the invaders, insult and kill the Muslim men, women, and children for the sake of possession and some money."

Narrator 1: "Real men, in addition to enlightening the minds of the new generation of Muslims, are also seeking to build cities, roads, canals, and other public places for the wellbeing of the people."

Interviewer: "What is going on in the street? Is Islamic Emirate reconstructing or building road or what?"

Man in truck: "May Allah SWT reward Islamic Emirate. They have maintained the roads well and have removed obstacles from the roads."

Interviewer: "Are happy from the development projects of the Islamic Emirate?"

Man 2: "Yes, we are happy"

Narrator 2: "But deviant people are the ones who destroy peoples' cities, homes every day, and raise false slogans to cover up their crimes."

Narrator 1: "Real men are the lions who leave the hotbeds of Jihad to fight against falsehood and hypocrisy."

Narrator 2: "But the deviant people who precede one another in approaching the invaders and disbelievers in putting their hands in their hands."

Narrator 1: "While Allah says that:"

Qur'an reciter: "'Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment - Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely.' [An-Nisa: 138, 139]"

Man 1: "All praise be to Allah, this was one of the largest compounds of the corrupt National Army which was liberated by the Mujahideen."

Man 2: "We are fighting for the sake of Allah SWT. With the help of Allah SWT we liberated this [huge] compound using these Kalashnikovs only."

Man 1: "This huge compound in the area of Ghormach belonged to the [puppet] National Army which consisted of about 3 battalions. Each battalion approximately consisted 300 to 400 personnel."

Mujahid:  "We are about to strike some missiles on the American compound. Allah willing, we are carrying out these operations because they [US & her allies] raid and brutally martyr our innocent people."

Man: "Allah willing, the Shari'ah of the prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is implemented here and none can dare to violate the rights of one another here. The fight lasted about 5 hours with planes fiercely roaring in the sky and tanks crushing the land, but still all praise be to Allah the Mujahideen showed great resistance and finally achieved eminent victory while capturing 16 tanks here and at about 13 to 14 tanks and rangers in another region. Allah willing, Mujahideen captured almost 30 to 36 enemy tanks, rangers and other equipments."

Molvi Hafizullah (Ibrahim): "The sniper and night laser operations of the Mujahideen have forced the enemy to drop their weapons, leave their bases and run away. As you can see there were enemy bases and posts all over this area. The number of the enemy bases and posts increased after the US evacuation from this area. Despite the increase in enemy bases and posts, the Mujahideen have become stronger than before and have bravely shown great resistance to the enemy and have defeated the enemy from very near just as you can see this area in which the enemy was successful in escaping, all praise be to Allah."

Abu Bakr Mujahid: "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. First of all, I say to the Islamic Emirate's Political Commission and specifically to the crown of our head and pride, Mullah Baradar Akhundzada may Allah protect him, may peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you [all]. O our leader [Mullah Baradar]! We are your arrows and bullets, whenever, however, and on whomever enemy you shoot us, we are ready. By Allah, if you order us to jump into the sea, we will obey! And if you order us to dive into the fire, we will obey without hesitating even for a brief moment! We will sacrifice our lives and burn our bodies on your every command! And we are always ready to obey your commands, Allah willing!"

Man: "Takbir! Allah is the Greatest! Long live Esteemed Amir-ul-Mumineen! Takbir! Allah is the Greatest! Takbir! Allah is the Greatest! Takbir! Allah is the Greatest! Khyber! Khyber! O Jews!"

Alhaj Molvi: "Those participating in Jihad or training camp should never think that he has wasted time or is in loss if he has not participated in the battle. Allah SWT has created us for His worship. In exchange, Allah SWT grant us His pleasure, His seeing, paradise and protects us from hell. Worship means to follow and obey Allah SWT, [final] Messenger PBUH and to oppose the Satan. Therefore, the time that you spend in Jihad or in the training camp, the sleeping, eating, training, entertainment and everything else is considered the best acts of worship to which no other acts of worship can reach in reward."

Molvi Hameedullah (Danish): "Messenger of Allah PBUH has said: 'Allah does not accept any deed, except that which is done purely for Him, and seeking His Face.' [Nasa'i: 3140]. A deed that is solely for the sake and pleasure of Allah SWT will be accepted and all the other deeds that are for listening and showing off will not be accepted by Allah SWT."

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai: "Defeating superpowers like America, NATO and their allies is indeed a very great achievement. Anyone who believes that he defeated these powers may become arrogant because as known human is weak. Therefore, we must believe that Allah SWT has defeated these powers and that we [Mujahideen] are not capable of that. Consider it [their defeat] from Allah SWT. And any Afghan no matter what ethnicity, tribe, nation, name and religion he/she belongs to, we must consider them Afghans and respect them. We must be kind towards the youngsters and respect the elders. We must heal the wounds of each and every individual of this nation. This nation must not be grieved anymore."

Mullah Shoib (Resalat): "Almost all the areas specifically all the strategic areas of Gurziwan are under our [Mujahideen] control. As known, only a very small portion of land is in the enemy control and even there they cannot move freely both day and night. All praise be to Allah, all the regions and people are with us and supports us because they are Muslims and are supporters of the Islamic Shari'ah. US [& her allies] has invaded Afghanistan and is fighting its people for almost over 19 years. And if they continue this battle many many folds to 19 years, we will carry on this battle and we consider this our battle to be an act of worship to Allah SWT and not just mere fighting. There is fighting and there is Jihad and this is Jihad and an act of worship."

Mujahid: "Takbir! Allah is the Greatest!"

Abdullah Mujahid: "First of all, I say to the Islamic Emirate's Political Commission and specifically to our beloved honorable Mullah Baradar Akhundzada may Allah protect him. O merciful and compassionate leader [Mullah Baradar]! We are your arrows and bullets, whenever, however and on whomever enemy you shoot us, we are ready. By Allah in Whose Hand my life is, if you order us to jump into the sea or fire, Allah willing, we will obey without hesitating even for a brief moment! We will sacrifice our lives and burn our bodies on your every command! And we are always ready to obey your commands!"

Mujahid in background: "Takbir! Allah is the Greatest"

Hamza Mujahid: "We completely trust our Political leaders and we will obey their every command, Allah willing."

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar: "The fight can come to an end only if America leaves Afghanistan. The chaos and the miseries that are in Afghanistan are actually due to America. Yes, there still might have been some miseries if the Afghans were left alone among themselves, but there would not have been this much chaos miseries, and killings like it is today after more than 18 years."

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