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Jul 18, 2005
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Taliban's Military Commander Mullah Dadallah: The Mujahideen Will Not Lay Down Their Arms unless the Americans Leave and an Islamic State Is Established

#768 | 03:48
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

The following are excerpts from an interview with the Taliban's military commander, Mulla Dadallah, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 18, 2005.

Dadallah: Whether or not they change their policy, our advice to the neighboring countries is not to listen to the Americans. The infidels' goal is not limited to Afghanistan. Their primary goal is to destroy Islam and their opponents in the region. That's why they collaborating governments, paving their way to control Pakistan, Iran, and the neighboring countries, in order to totally eradicate Islam, and to spread their materialistic theory. The region's countries must therefore cooperate with one another, in order to stop the American danger, which is threatening everyone. They must support the Muslims in Afghanistan. I participated, together with hundreds of mujahideen, in operations against the American forces in Shahikot and other places. We defeated them in all these places. They accused Pakistan of supporting the mujahideen after they were humiliated by the mujahideen's attacks and bravery. The mujahideen will not lay down their arms unless the Americans leave and an Islamic state is established.

The next parliamentary elections are for a government which has been appointed in advance. We totally oppose this government, and we will do all we can to foil these elections. The next parliament will not represent the people. This is a parliament appointed by Bush, whose members are American agents. None of those elected in the past will participate in the next parliament. You may have heard in the media that those who were elected resigned again in order to save themselves and to avoid confrontation with the Taliban. The next confrontation will come, and there will be no mercy for any of those agents.

We have no information about (bin Laden). You are well aware that there is no country that maintains friendly ties with him. He may be in a mountainous area which is not under the influence of any country. He may be living there, in the mountains, with only ten or five mujahideen who know about him, while the others know nothing about him.

Host: Is there any connection between the Taliban and Al-Qada?

Dadallah: Of course there is a tie between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. These are strong ties, because the Taliban gave up Aghanistan for the sake of Al-Qaeda. There are still Al-Qaeda youth here, in Afghanistan. The Taliban is willing to accompany Al-Qaeda to any country in order to wage Jihad there. they want to establish Allah's law everywhere. Our religion is one, and we will remain together.

Host: Do you receive material support from individuals, from countries, or from anyone?

Dadallah: In no way can Bush and his aides divide us from the Muslims. We, the Muslims, are one community worldwide. As for what the infidels claim, that they will prevent us from receiving Muslim help, they are totally delusional. All Muslims support us. Our Jihad continues with their support and their money. You know that the Jihad requires much money, yet the Muslims are helping us, and we have high hopes from the charitable people, so that Jihad and grace will reach all Muslims.