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Apr 15, 2020
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Taliban Spokesman Muhammad Suhail Shaheen: We Will Not Enter Inter-Afghan Talks Until the U.S. Releases Taliban Prisoners; We Are Committed to the Full Implementation of the Agreement

#7942 | 01:28
Source: The Internet - "OGN in YouTube"

Taliban spokesman Muhammad Suhail Shaheen said in an interview on OGN TV, a YouTube channel based in Syria, on April 15, 2020 that the Taliban will not enter inter-Afghan talks until the U.S. releases Taliban prisoners. He added that the Taliban is committed to the full implementation of the agreement, that the U.S. should also be fully committed, and that the U.S. should ensure that the Kabul administration is equally committed.

Muhammad Suhail Shaheen: "The Americans have taken this obligation upon themselves to implement the (peace) agreement as it is, but it still has not been implemented, and it is (being) delayed. We think that is a violation of the agreement. It is also clearly said: We will not enter or start inter-Afghan negotiations until (Taliban) prisoners are released (by the Americans).


"We are committed to the full implementation of the agreement, and the U.S. should also be committed to the full implementation, and it should also make the Kabul administration be committed to the full implementation of the agreement.


"We are optimistic and we are committed, because if they want to resolve the Afghan issue politically through peaceful means, (the peace agreement) is the best framework and mechanism for that."

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