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Dec 23, 2021
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Taliban Acting FM Amir Khan Muttaqi: In Four Months, We Brought Security To Afghanistan – The U.S. And 50 Other Countries Could Not Do That In 20 Years; We Want To Have A Good Relationship With The World

#9264 | 02:00
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Taliban politician Amir Khan Muttaqi, who is Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a December 23, 2021 interview with Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that the Taliban has brought security to Afghanistan in only four months, something that the United States "and the armies of 50 other countries" were unable to do in 20 years. Muttaqi also said that the Taliban regime respects human rights and the rights of minorities and that it seeks to build a good economy and a good relationship with the world. In addition, he said that the Taliban is committed to the Doha agreement and that nobody will be harmed by attacks carried out from Afghan soil.

Amir Khan Muttaqi: "We have signed the Doha agreement with the United States, and now it is up to Washington and the rest of the world to provide a single piece of evidence that they were harmed by an attack launched from Afghan soil. Nobody has been harmed [by such an attack]. We promised that Afghan soil would not be used to harm others. We are committed to the Doha agreement, and our government controls Afghanistan in its entirety.


"When we were in control of 70% of Afghanistan, ISIS activity went down to zero. But last August, when we took over the centers of the provinces and the capital, ISIS raised its head again, because the previous government released 1,800 ISIS prisoners, in order to harass us. However, we were able to overcome this in a short time. Within four months, we managed to bring about the kind of security that the U.S. and the armies of 50 countries had failed to bring about in 20 years. Had they managed to achieve this, they would have considered this a great victory. We have succeeded in this all on our own, and for this, we are worthy of praise, not of sanctions.


"Our message to the world is that it should not see us through the eyes of others, and should not listen to those who speak ill of us. We respect human rights and the rights of minorities. Our regime is getting stronger and better day by day. It works for the people. The entire region is suffering from drought and economic hardship. We inherited a weak economy and widespread corruption from the previous government. We want to build a strong economy and have a good relationship with the world."

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