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Jan 19, 2020
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Taiseer Hussein of Hizb ut-Tahrir America: We Will Conquer Rome and Liberate India and Spain

#7842 | 03:34
Source: The Internet

Taiseer Hussein, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir America, said in a speech at a January 19, 2020 conference held by Hizb ut-Tahrir America in Glendale Heights, IL that Allah promised to the Islamic nation that it will inherit the Earth in its entirety. He said that the Prophet Muhammad had prophesied that Islam would conquer Constantinople and Rome and that a Caliphate will be established, and he prayed that the latter two prophecies would soon be fulfilled just as the first had been. Emphasizing that these prophecies cannot come true if Muslims "implement disbelief" or follow the corruption of the West, Hussein said that the Islamic nation will re-establish the Caliphate, conquer Rome, and liberate Palestine, Kashmir, India, and Spain, which he said is also occupied Islamic land. The conference was titled "Help of Allah Is Near."

Taiseer Hussein: "Allah promised this Islamic nation in this Quran that the Islamic nation will inherit the earth, that the Islamic nation will rule over this earth. Not just part of the earth – the Earth.


"Clearly, these hadiths remind us about glad tidings that the Prophet gave us. These are: Number one – the opening [i.e. conquest] of Constantinople. Number two – the opening [conquest] of Rome. Rome? Which Rome? Are you talking about Rome, in Italy? The Vatican? That Rome? Yes, indeed, that Rome. How did you know? The hadith said so.


"Have you come across that [event in] history that Rome was opened [conquered] since that hadith [was narrated]? Nope. So that is our chance. That is our chance, Allah willing, that Rome will be opened [conquered] by the promise of Allah, which was mentioned in this hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Then the third glad tiding is the resumption of the Caliphate on the method of the Prophet. Among these three glad tidings, one has been fulfilled, which is the opening [conquest] of Constantinople. The rest will be fulfilled soon, Allah willing.


"We, as a nation, will witness, Allah willing, the return of the Caliphate upon the method of the Prophet and then as a nation, we will open [conquer] Rome and liberate Palestine and the rest. We pray to Allah to make us among those who will witness this achievement and these glad tidings. But brothers and sisters, be sure, that these glad tidings will never come through following and implementing disbelief in all of its forms, or by following the corruption and the corrupt politics and policies of the West, or by seeking support and friendship from the likes of the U.S., Britain, U.N., the Security Council, name them, for these are partners in the criminality and in preventing the nation from returning and uniting under Islam.


"We have no doubt that Allah will deliver His promise and grant us the Caliphate upon the method of the Prophethood. Under its leadership, Rome will be opened [conquered], Kashmir will be liberated, India will be liberated, Palestine will be liberated, Andalusia... Sometimes we forget about Andalusia, which is known as Spain. That land was ours for 800 years and it is under occupation, such as Kashmir, such as Palestine."

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