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Mar 22, 2013
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Tahrir Square Friday Sermon: Egyptian Preacher Calls to Kill Hamas Members in Egypt and to Send President Morsi to Jail

#3780 | 02:22
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a sermon delivered by an Egyptian cleric at Tahrir Square, which was posted on the Internet on March 22, 2013.

Egyptian cleric: Oh people of Syria, rise up today. Do not let any foreigner remain in your country. Kill any armed man you find, in order to avenge the killing of Sheik Al-Bouti.

Oh Egyptians, beware! If you encounter a Hamas member who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, in any Egyptian province – it is permitted to kill him, because he has violated the sanctity of our country.

We say to the people of Gaza: Take to the streets in order to topple Hamas. They have killed the [Egyptian] soldiers.

(Leading the people in a chant) The people want to topple the regime.

The people want to topple the regime.


Stop glorifying [Morsi]. He is no president and no doctor. He is an elementary-school dropout. He is mentally insane. He is an escaped convict, and we will send him back to jail.


I swear to God that Morsi did not even get an elementary-school diploma. How could he possibly have obtained such a diploma if he does not even know that it was Ibn Al-Nafis, and not Al-Biruni, who discovered the circulation of the blood? How could he possibly have obtained a Ph.D. from a university if he does not know that Pakistan did not take part in the 1973 [Arab-Israeli] war?

Note: The reference is to various factual errors made by President Morsi on March 18 in an address at Pakistan's National University of Science and Technology, where he was presented with an honorary Ph.D.

We say to Morsi: Dr. Abdel Kader Helmy sends his regards. Remember him? He is the Egyptian scientist who discovered the black carbon [sic]. You betrayed him and turned him in to the American intelligence.

Note: The reference is to a former rocket scientist who was convicted by a U.S. court in 1989 of attempting to illegally export restricted rocket material – white carbon – to Egypt.

Oh Morsi, by Allah, prison is very near.


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