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Aug 25, 2013
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On Syrian TV, Threats to Annihilate U.S. Forces and Israel with Chemical Weapons, by Swedish-Algerian Journalist Abu Zakariya

#3960 | 04:12
Source: Syrian TV

Following are excerpts from an address by Swedish-Algerian journalist and Mayadeen TV host Yahya Abu Zakariya, which aired on Syrian TV on August 25, 2013.

Yahya Abu Zakariya: Barack Obama, you American lowlife, you American beggar, you have abandoned your black people, and have not avenged the honor of the blacks, who were persecuted in America, since the days of Kunta Kinte, whom the U.S. kidnapped from Mozambique [sic], to the days of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. The blacks suffered injustice at the hands of the white people, who have enslaved you in order to expand into the Arab world.

I say to Barack Obama: This is Syria, so lower your voice. I say to Obama: This is the Syrian army, so lower your voice. You American lowlife, Syria is not the kind of country that can be invaded.

As far as chemical weapons and nuclear bombs are concerned, the [Americans] are the ones who have destroyed humanity.

Oh Obama, I'm not telling you to wash yourself before talking about Syria, because you are as impure as your slaves in the sheep-like Gulf states, but I am telling you to have some self-respect.

The Arab Syria army is an honorable army, which does not harm children and does not fight with chemical weapons. The chemical weapons are reserved for the Israeli entity and for America, if it set foot on Syrian soil.

By Allah, we will annihilate them. By God, the moment the U.S. so much as thinks of intervening in Syria – and I speak on behalf of the resistance axis, as I am permitted to do – the Galilee in northern Palestine will be conquered by the Lebanese resistance, Iran will shut down the Strait of Hormuz, and our missiles are at the ready.

The Syrian military command was given the order in advance – If Syria is attacked, we will annihilate the Zionist entity.


There is a principle that I have learnt by working in the media for over a quarter of a century: The U.S. is a lying, bastard country. When it talks of war, it wants peace, and vice versa.

You cannot trust the Americans. The sheep-like emirs of the Gulf trusted America because they have prostrated themselves in submission. Some of them have grown so fat that they must kneel down, and the others – I have no idea what happened to them. They have become so effeminate that they sell out their country's sovereignty.

At this point, I would like to direct a message to Bandar bin Sultan, who heads the Saudi intelligence: Do not play with fire. By the way, in the Indian language, Bandar means "ape."


We do not want Barack Obama – that slave, who has placed the honor of the blacks in the service of the neocons – to come to a bleak end. If you come and intervene, we will annihilate you. We have surprises up our sleeve.


This is the language of David Cameron and Barack Obama. The pair of them are bastard children. Really. Barack Obama purports to be a graduate of the Harvard Law School, but he knows nothing about law. He slaughters Pakistanis with drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As for David Cameron – we should send him to Cameroon in Africa, to be eat by a tribe of cannibals, who would relieve us of his evil.

We'd like to remind them that we have 10,000 martyrdom-seekers as well. When the first American unit enters from Jordan – you can only imagine how many of them will be killed.


In all honesty, if I had chemical bombs, I would drop them on the Arab League. By God, if I had nuclear or chemical bombs, I would drop them on the Arab League in Cairo.


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