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Nov 14, 2015
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Syrian TV Response to Paris Attacks: The Scorpion Has Stung Its Owner

#5159 | 01:55
Source: Sama TV (Syria)

On November 14, 2015, the Syrian Sama TV channel responded to the Paris attacks by saying that President Al-Assad's "prophecy" regarding ISIS had come true: "President Al-Assad foretold that no matter how safe a person feels next to a scorpion, the scorpion is bound to sting him." The response was posted on the YouTube channel of Addounia TV.

Following are excerpts:

Addounia TV commentator: The prophecy has proven true, as it did 100 times before. President Al-Assad foretold that no matter how safe a person feels next to a scorpion, the scorpion is bound to sting him.

Hollande and Fabius seemed bewildered last night. Paris seemed to be in complete and utter shock. The best description of what happened is: The Fifth Republic is reeling. ISIS has struck hard, and the earthquake caused by its explosions has disrupted the calm in the city of genies and angels.

Even though human lives are of supreme importance, and blood must not be shed just like that, one takes pause and asks himself: Why did the West refuse to listen all this time to the warning that Damascus persisted in delivering day and night?

Some even went so far as to call what happened last night a "French September," which is no less horrific than the American 9/11.

The taking of the hostages and the operation to release them exacted over 100 deaths. A pale and quivering Hollande declared a state of emergency, shutting the land borders and stopping all flights and trains. He ordered the deployment of 1,500 soldiers, armed to the teeth, in the capital. The soldiers have besieged that various neighborhoods, and have imposed a curfew.

Then the scorpion announced its responsibility for the coordinated attacks. This is Paris for the past 16 hours.


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