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Aug 16, 2004
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Syrian Researcher Tayyeb Tizini: "9/11 was an American Action"

#207 | 01:53
Source: Al-Alam TV (Iran)

Syrian Researcher, Tayyeb Tizini was interviewed on Iran's Al-'Alam TV. The following are excerpts:

Tizini: An Intifada against the globalization broke out in the countries of globalization themselves.

Interviewer In Europe.

Dr. Tayeb Tizini

In the US, in Seattle. This great event should enter history books worldwide. In Seattle, in the US, the people demonstrated against the new order of globalization. They found out that this order is no longer satisfied with what the capitalist-colonialist order had been satisfied with in the past. It now strives to swallow up both nature and people and deprive the people of everything they have achieved throughout history.

The American globalization order began to think how to penetrate the world in new ways?

Interviewer Including the use of force?

Dr. Tayeb Tizini The answer came on 9/11. I would like to emphasize here?

InterviewerWhich was?

Dr. Tayeb Tizini Exactly, according to American and European documents, including the investigation of President Bush and his aides about 9/11, I'd like to say that 9/11 was an American action.

These Americans began to understand that the new order must be marketed by a great event that would create new dangers for the world. 9/11 was for this purpose, in order to emphasize the need of dividing the world in two. This is what this order strives for: The so-called terrorists on one side and the so-called democrats on the other.

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