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Nov 08, 2012
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Syrian Rebels Display Missiles Captured from Army

#3640 | 01:18
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from footage of Syrian rebels displaying captured missiles, posted on the Internet on November 8, 2012.

Syrian rebel 1: Allah Akbar. Glory to Allah.

Syrian rebel 2: The Abdallah Bin Salam Battalion and the Isa Bin Maryam Battalion, of the Al-Habib Al-Mustafa Brigade, along with the Ansar Al-Sunna Battalion of the Al-Islam Brigade, and the Special Forces Regiment in the Damascus area, seized [these missiles] from the Iftris Battalion of the Syrian Army.

Group of rebels: Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.


Syrian rebel 3: Allah Akbar. The [missiles] of the battalion in East Ghouta have been liberated by the Free Syrian Army – by the Al-Qa'qaa Ibn Amr Al-Tamimi Battalion. Allah Akbar, they were liberated, in East Ghouta, from the second largest battalion in the Syrian Army's Air Defense Force.


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