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Nov 03, 2021
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Syrian Quran Reciter Zaki Al-Asali On MB TV: Polygamy Serves The Interests Of Women, Ensures They Have A Husband; I Married Second, Third Wives Because I Love My First Wife So Much

#9338 | 01:57
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Syrian Quran reciter Zaki Al-Asali said in a November 3, 2021 interview on the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Channel 9 TV (Turkey) that polygamy serves the interests of women and that it is a "divine solution" to the fact that men die in war and accidents more than women do. Al-Asali gave a personal example, saying that that he married a second and third wife because he loved his first wife so much and in order to make things "easier" for her. In addition, he argued that because of men's sex drive, they should be permitted to marry multiple wives, and he said that this is better than allowing billions to be spent on prostitution and other immoral relations. Moreover, he pointed out that in the West, where there is a "heretic" ban on polygamy, men are nonetheless allowed to have multiple lovers.

Zaki Al-Asali: "During my constant debates about polygamy, I have come to the conclusion that women are their own worst enemies. When you marry four wives - whose interest are you serving? Yours or the four women's? [Polygamy] is a divine solution, brother.

"The number of men has been decreasing due to wars, work accidents, and car accidents. We [men] are in danger of becoming extinct. Soon, a woman will be unable to find a man to marry. According to the Hadith, at the End of Times, each man will command forty women - his female relatives, his wives, and so on.

"We should not assume... My wife is a doctor of pharmacology. In addition to her, I married a second and a third wife, yet our home has not been destroyed for 21 years. I love her and this is why I married another wife. We did this together.


"Out of love for my [first] wife, I made things a bit easier on her. It should be noted that I was engaged to my wife for seven years, and at no point did it cross my mind to marry an additional woman. However, when I got married, I found out that I need another wife. This is a natural thing.

"Just like people are different in their intelligence, their beauty, their height, and their width, they differ in their sex drive. Why should we ignore this and let billions of dollars go to waste on prostitution and forbidden relations? Look at the West, where they invented this heretic ban on polygamy - they allow a man to have multiple lovers."

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