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Apr 22, 2018
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Syrian Academic Jamal Al-Mahmoud Calls on Iran to Attack U.S. Forces in Syria

#6535 | 02:16
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Jamal Al-Mahmoud, a professor of international relations at Damascus University, demanded an Iranian response to the recent airstrikes on Syria and said that "the Israeli and U.S. attacks in Syria cannot go unanswered." Speaking on Al-Manar TV on April 22, Al-Mahmoud recalled that he had "called upon the axis of resistance to confront the U.S. in Syria and and to train their weapons upon the U.S. and Western bases in Syria," and said that he was reiterating that call following the April 9 strike on the T-4 Airbase and the April 14 strike on facilities associated with Syria's chemical weapons capabilities.


Following is a transcript:

Jamal Al-Mahmoud: Following the April 7, 2017 aggression against Syria, and the 2017 American attacks in the Syrian Desert against the forces of Syria and its allies on May 18, June 6, June 8, and June 18, I called upon the axis of resistance to confront the United States in Syria, and to train their weapons upon the U.S. and Western bases in Syria. I reiterate this position today – especially following the April 9 aggression against the T-4 Airbase, and the renewed aggression against Syria by the three countries on April 14.


When the April 9 aggression on the T-4 Airbase took place, and seven IRGC mujahideen were martyred, we all said that Iran must respond. We demand an Iranian response. We demand an Iranian response. The response could take various forms. The first form of response, which is very important, is to strengthen the military relations with Syria and Hizbullah in Syria, especially in some of the future campaigns toward Al-Rastan or the south, or in the elimination of ISIS pockets. [Iran] should strengthen the military relations by increasing its military presence in Syria, which would not make Israel and the United States happy. If this aggression is repeated, we ask Iran to fire missiles on the Israeli settlements in the Golan, for example. The Israeli and American attacks cannot go unanswered.


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