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Aug 20, 2017
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Syrian President Al-Assad Praises Iran, Russia, China, and Hizbullah for Their Support: They Are "True Partners"

#6170 | 03:01
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

In a televised address aired on August 20, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad praised Iran, Russia, China, and Hizbullah for their support, saying that "they are true partners in [our] achievements on the path to striking and defeating terrorism and to restoring security and stability to Syria." The speech was aired live on Syrian TV and was delivered on the Iranian Al-Alam TV as well.


President Bashar Al-Assad: "Our brothers and friends have played a major role in our achievements. The fighters of Hizbullah, [an organization] that needs no introduction, played no less a role in defending Syrian soil than their brothers in courage, the fighters of the Syrian armed forces. When we talk about them, we speak with a pride that equals our pride in any Syrian fighter who defends his homeland. The same goes for their martyrs, their wounded, and their heroic families.


"As for Iran, it did not hesitate to stand alongside us from day one. It gave us unlimited weapons and equipment, it sent us military advisors and officers to help us with planning, and it gave us economic support during the very difficult circumstances we underwent. It participated with us in the political battles in all the international forums, and it demonstrated, with all objectivity, that it makes its own decisions, that it is loyal to its principles, and that it can be relied upon in the commitments it makes. The same goes for Russia. It used its right of veto many times, in an unprecedented way, defending the unity and sovereignty of Syria, and defending the U.N. Charter and international law. China did the same thing.




"If our achievements on the ground were accomplished through the determination of the armed forces and supporting forces, the direct economic, political, and military support of our friends has enabled us to increase our progress in the field, and has diminished the casualties and losses of war. Therefore, today they are true partners in these achievements, on the path to striking and defeating terrorism, and to restoring security and stability to Syria. When the Syrian Arab people, along with the armed forces, write a new book in the history of Syria and the entire region, it will include chapters devoted to our friends – to Iran and Imam Khamenei, to Russia and President Putin, and to Hizbullah and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. These chapters will be written, [recording] their principles, their moral values, and their character, so that future generations can read about them."

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