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Nov 26, 2011
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Syrian Political Analyst Taleb Ibrahim: The Free Syrian Army Is an "Army of Donkeys Working for the Mossad"

#3222 | 01:18
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian political analyst Taleb Ibrahim, which aired on OTV on November, 26, 2011:

Taleb Ibrahim: In Homs – and I hope the people of Homs listen to me carefully – the Israeli Mossad kills Alawites as well as Sunnis. Not a single Alawite would be willing to kill a Sunni, and vice versa...

Interviewer: The Israeli Mossad is in Homs?

Taleb Ibrahim: Who killed the Syrian pilots? These pilots were trained to fly the most modern warplanes in the world.

Interviewer: Maybe the Free Syrian Army killed them...

Taleb Ibrahim: The Free Syrian Army?! That’s an army of donkeys, working for the Israeli Mossad. 400-500 soldiers who went AWOL from an army of one million fighters, and you call them the Free Syrian Army?! They bring a bunch of punks, dress them in camouflage uniforms, and present them as the Free Syrian Army.


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