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Dec 23, 2015
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Syrian Minister of Religious Endowment Slams Saudis: Their Mother Is America and Terrorism Their Offspring

#5229 | 02:11
Source: Syrian TV

Syrian Minister of Religious Endowment Mohammed Abdul-Sattar Al Sayed criticized the Saudis during a sermon marking the day of birth of the Prophet Muhammad. "America is their mother, and terrorism is their offspring," said Abdul-Satter Al-Sayed in the sermon, delivered at the Akram Mosque in Damascus on December 23, 2015. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was present at the sermon.

Following are excerpts:

Mohammed Abdul-Sattar Al-Sayed: They were Bedouin in the days of the Prophet Muhammad, and kharijites in the days of the four righteous caliphs, and they are Wahhabis in our times. From Najd, "the Land of Satan's Horn," they emerge, and against your religion, oh Messenger of Allah, they conspire. They are destroying our country, and their filthy minions sanction our killing, and target the honor of our women. They have people [working for them] from among our own folk, who talk in the name of our Syria.

They have peeled off layer after layer of shame from their faces. They have planted seeds of hatred and hypocrisy in their hearts. Their tongues overflow with betrayal and words of conspiracy, and they stand like dwarfs before the empty Wahhabi thrones, pleading for help, like a rooster crowing from atop the garbage heaps of history. In Palestine, they have planted their dagger [of betrayal], in the Arabian Peninsula, they have erected thrones, and in Istanbul, they have revived a dead sultanate. America is their mother, and terrorism is their offspring. It was created under their inspection, and before their eyes, it has found rest. One day, they decided to sow for their terrorism a garment, embroidered with crimes, with which to cover Islam. They dispatched it to the land of the Levant, and their spokesman said: Let us destroy Syria, the beating heart of Arabism and resistance, and thus, rid ourselves of Islam.


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