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Nov 19, 2014
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Syrian Islamist Scholar Muaz Al-Safouk: Only the Jihadi Movements Can Break the Backs of the Jews

#4637 | 01:13
Source: Al-Ghad TV (Syrian Opposition)

In a recent TV interview, Syrian Islamist scholar Muaz Al-Safouk said that the world is shaped by the Jews, "the kings of gold, sex, and the media, who spread immorality, atheism, apostasy, and discord," and that only the Islamist Jihadi movements can break their backs.

Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on the Syrian opposition's Al-Ghad TV channel on November 19, 2014.

Mauz Al-Safouk: It is the mujahideen who are fighting global freemasonry and global Judaism. The global political order, the global economic order, the global security and intelligence order, and the world as a whole are controlled by the Jews.

Interviewer: How is this connected to a Syrian group like the Northern Storm Brigade, for example?

Mauz Al-Safouk: Please let me organize my thoughts, and we will get to that, Allah willing. Who are shaping the world according to their whims today? It is the Jews who are the kings of gold, sex, and the media, who spread immorality, atheism, apostasy, and discord. Nobody in the world has managed to break their backs, or the backs of their treacherous, opportunistic, and demagogic lackeys – nobody except for the Islamist Jihad movements.


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