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Apr 05, 2023
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Syrian Islamic Scholar Abd Al-Rahman Kuki: It Is Better For A Wife To Endure 'Disciplinary' Beatings, Have Sex When She Doesn't Want To, Than Get A Divorce And Lose Her Children

#10264 | 02:13
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

Syrian Islamic scholar Abd Al-Rahman Kuki said an April 5, 2023 show on Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) that a woman should have sex with her husband "even if she doesn't really feel like it" because this is better than getting a divorce, which would mean losing her children, and because it protects her husband's "chastity." He also said that it is better for her to endure "disciplinary" beatings than get a divorce, and he explained that such beatings do not cause any injury or swelling and are only used as a "last option." In addition, Kuki cited a hadith stating that a woman who refuses to have sex with her husband is cursed by angels until the following morning.

Abd Al-Rahman Kuki: "The most important duty in Islam that wives have towards their husbands is to obey them in everything that is good and not forbidden by Allah. Wives must obey their husbands in everything that is not forbidden by Allah. The second duty [of wives] is not to refuse to have sex [with their husbands], because having sex is one of the most important purposes of marriage, and it involves chastity. If a wife says that it is her right to refuse to have sex because she is annoyed... What is worse – if she has sex with him, even though she doesn't really feel like it, or if they separate or divorce, the children are lost, or he gets it in forbidden ways... The Prophet Muhammad said: 'Having intercourse [with you wife] is charity.' A woman that fulfills her husband's right to sex will receive a great reward from Allah, and she also helps to protect his chastity and family.

"According to an authentic hadith, if a husband summons his wife [to bed], and she refuses to have sex with him, and he goes to sleep while he is angry with her, then the angels will curse her until she wakes up in the morning.


"Wife beating is disciplinary. It should not break a bone..."

Interviewer: "It is meant as a warning."  

Kuki: "Right. The beating is warning..."

Interviewer: "It's for a wife who does not learn a verbal lesson."

Kuki: "It is done with a sewak dental twig. The beating must not break her bone, injure her flesh, or  cause swelling to her skin. It is a disciplinary beating. Those who hold this against us... Beating is only the last option, and it is rare. Those who hold this against us – let me ask them this: What is better – if she becomes divorced, arrogant, and haughty, or if she acquiesces... In addition, beating must bring results. Otherwise, it is not permitted."

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