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Aug 07, 2012
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Syrian-French Writer Adnan Azzam: Zionist Movement Behind French Revolution and Syrian Uprising

#3551 | 01:58
Source: Al-Dunya TV (Syria)

Following are excerpts from a TV program featuring Syrian-French writer Adnan Azzam, which was broadcast on Al-Dunya TV on August 7, 2012.

Adnan Azzam: Through all these TV channels and all this money, they are trying to show the world that it is an internal Syrian conflict – Syrian groups demanding freedom and reforms facing a Syrian army that is ferociously attacking, killing, and destroying.

What is going on is, in fact, completely different. This has been a universal battle, the historical battle of Israel, ever since the inception of the Zionist movement, and its interference in global affairs – in other words, ever since they changed the course of the French Revolution, transforming it from a reformist revolution into a Zionist movement, and beheaded the king of France within 24 hours without trial. It's been going on ever since they took Napolean, that young boy from Corsica, and said to him, when he was still in military college: "We will give Corsica back to Italy and Corsica will be independent again." They cut a deal with him, recruiting him into the Zionist movement. They showered him with money and sent him to Egypt, in order to set the foundations for the state of Palestine.

What is happening today in Syria is not a new phenomenon. This is a rising Zionist movement which aims to become a superpower, and we have fallen for this ploy, and believe that this in an internal Syrian conflict - which it is not.


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