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Nov 04, 2011
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Syrian Cleric Adnan Al-'Ar'our Weeps at the Thought of the Wounded in Syrian Demonstrations and Exhorts Muslims to Overcome Their Fear and Donate to Them

#3209 | 03:56
Source: Safa TV (Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian cleric Adnan Al-'Ar'our, which aired on Safa TV on November 4, 2011:

Adnan Al-'Ar'our: I call upon the wealthy Muslims, wherever they are… I call upon them…

Stops talking and tears well up in his eyes

I call upon them to donate, and not to be afraid of their governments when it comes to donations. Allah's curses upon the rulers, who prevent donations for people wounded [in Syria]. Allah's curses upon the rulers, who prevent donations for people wounded [in Syria].

Make donations for the wounded. We have witnessed tremendous catastrophes, and we have established a committee, and we will open a bank account for [contributions]. I am prepared to collect the money myself. Write down my name. I will collect all the money. Write down my name.

The donations will go, first of all, to the wounded. Then they will go to the orphans and the poor people, and thirdly, to the detainees, so that we will be able to free them from prison by paying a ransom. We will pay in order to free them from torture.

We have very little, and people are afraid to donate because of their governments. Do you not fear Allah?! Has anyone who donates money become a terrorist?

Interviewer: The truth is, honorable sheik, that many cannot contribute anything but their own money, and they encounter great obstacles even in donating money to their brothers…

Adnan Al-'Ar'our: I am collecting money. I am collecting. Write down my name, and place me on trial. Death is trivial compared to what is happening in Syria. You have no idea what is happening in Syria.


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