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Jan 15, 2021
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Syrian Islamic Scholar Tawfiq Ramadhan Al-Bouti: Many Nations Feel Disgust Towards The Jews, Who Incite Wars, Spread Depravity; Their 'Filthy' History Is Rife With Treachery And Betrayal

#8632 | 02:14
Source: Nour Al-Sham TV (Syria)

Syrian Islamic Scholar Sheikh Tawfiq Muhammad Sai'd Ramadhan Al-Bouti, spoke about the "filthy history" of the Jews in a Friday sermon delivered at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus Syria, which was aired on Nour Al-Sham TV (Syria) on January 15, 2021. In his sermon, Al-Bouti said that the Jews have offended Moses and killed John the Baptist and other prophets, and this is why they came to be known as "the slayers of the prophets." He continued to say that even to this day, the history of the Jews, is full of treachery and betrayal and the Jews incite strife and wars and spread depravity, debauchery, and licentiousness. "The wars that are raging [...] are caused by the plots of the Jews, who want to live over the ruins and corpses of other nations," said Al-Bouti, and added that this has caused many nations to feel disgust towards them. Sheikh Tawfiq Muhammad Sai'd Ramadhan Al-Bouti is the son of Sheikh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadhan Al-Bouti, a prominent pro-regime Sunni scholar, who was assassinated during the Syrian civil war, while delivering a religious lesson in a mosque. Before his death, Sheikh Al-Bouti delivered a public address (see MEMRI TV clip No. 1629) in which, he suggested that the Jews are the "number one enemy lying in wait for world peace."

Tawfiq Ramadhan Al-Bouti: "[The Jews] offended Moses. The Quran spoke of their innumerable offenses against Moses and others, so much so, that the historians called them 'the slayers of prophets.' Wasn't it [the Jews] who killed John the Baptist and others before him? To this very day, their history is a history of treachery and betrayal, a history of inciting conflict between people, including among their allies. This is clearly how they act with their friends and allies today. If you study the Jews, you will find that they are behind two things. The first of these things is inciting strife and wars. The second thing is spreading moral depravity, debauchery, and licentiousness. Check the phenomenon of moral depravity, licentiousness, and promiscuity, and you will find the fingerprints of the Jews behind it. Check the wars that are raging, and you will find that they are caused by the plots of the Jews, who want to live over the ruins and corpses of other nations. Yes, these are the Jews, whose filthy history constitutes an image of treachery and betrayal, an image that caused many nations to feel disgust towards them and fear their corruption and deceit."

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