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Mar 06, 2022
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Syrian Analyst Dr. Husam Al-Din Khalasi: Russia Is Protecting Global Interests By Invading Ukraine; COVID, Rabies Were Engineered In Ukrainian Bio-Military Labs Under American Supervision

#9425 | 01:38
Source: Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syria)

Syrian analyst Dr. Husam Al-Din Khalasi said in a March 6, 2022 interview on Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syria) that Russia is protecting national and global interests by invading Ukraine. He explained that there are biological military labs in Ukraine that are supervised by the United States, and that coronavirus and rabies had been engineered in these labs. Khalasi also suggested that Russian forces have found documents in the Ukrainian nuclear facilities they took over that indicate that Ukraine is striving to become a nuclear power.

Husam Al-Din Khalasi: "Russia felt what I call a global threat. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. It strived and is still striving to become a member of NATO. Ukraine is not a member of the EU, but if it obtains nuclear weapons...

"We can imagine that Russia does not want a nuclear war at all. It has become common knowledge that the possession of nuclear weapons is only for imposing an opinion by force. But if [Ukraine] becomes a nuclear power, producing nuclear weapons — and this was proved by documents that [the Russians] found when they entered the nuclear plants [in Ukraine] — then [Ukraine] will set conditions. When there is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it will be entirely different.

"In addition, there is an intention to establish bases for biological warfare. There were reports about the origins of the coronavirus, of rabies... All these [were engineered] in Ukrainian laboratories under U.S. supervision.

"One of Russia's strategic goals... Believe me, people should know these facts. Russia is not only protecting its national interests, it is protecting the world."

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