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Dec 30, 2019
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Syrian Academic Jamal Al-Mahmoud: We Should Kill American Soldiers to Influence Upcoming U.S. Elections, Rein Trump in

#7713 | 01:09
Source: Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syria)

Jamal Al-Mahmoud, a political science professor at Damascus University, said in a December 30, 2019 interview on Al-Ikhbaria TV (Syria) that he calls for the conflict with the U.S. to be decided militarily. He said that the Iraqi PMU and other forces should take advantage of the upcoming U.S. elections and kill American soldiers in order to "rein Trump in to some extent." For more from Jamal Al-Mahmoud, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 3195 and No. 6535.


Jamal Al-Mahmoud: "I call for [the conflict] with the Americans to be decided militarily. I do not call for talking politics with the Americans. Absolutely not. So I call upon the PMU factions and the national forces in Iraq to unite their ranks and create an alliance in order to expel the American forces from Syria [sic].




"A year from now, in November 2020, there will be presidential elections in America. We should take advantage of this opportunity and wage military operations against the American forces, because the death of an American soldier – or two or three American soldiers – will play a role in the elections game – in the coming presidential elections. This may rein Trump in to some extent. This is why we should take advantage of these circumstances."

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