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Jun 02, 2012
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Syria TV Reporter Attacked During Live Broadcast

#3449 | 02:08
Source: Syrian TV

Following are excerpts from a live Syrian TV report from Aleppo, featuring correspondent Shadi Helwah, which aired on June 2, 2012:

Shadi Helwah: The fabrications of the TV channels that spread civil strife have become clear, especially the incitement against Aleppo in the past three days. Everybody knows that there are constant unsuccessful attempts to silence the opinion of the citizen…

Syrian passerby [strikes reporter with a shoe]: The Syrian media is full of lies!

Crewman: F*** you, you son of a bitch…

Female anchor in the studio: That was Shadi Helwah. Thank you very much.

Male anchor in the studio: Dear viewers, that was our Shadi Helwah, reporting from Aleppo. What we just saw is an example of the democracy that many, home and abroad, are demanding. Let's return to Shadi Helwah. Shadi?

Shadi Helwah: Osama, Osama, Osama, it's not enough that they have their own TV channels, their fabrications, and all the TV channels that incite against Syria, they had to come to us as well. No problem. They came here, and said what they said, but if the Syrian media is really full of lies, then just leave us alone, and let us broadcast what we want, and the public will judge whether we are lying or not.

Studio anchor: By the way, Shadi, a liar is always… Do you hear me? I believe that if someone is lying, you should let him go on lying, and he will lie and lie until he eventually exposes himself. This only proves how reliable the Syrian media is.


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