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Dec 18, 2023
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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: There Is No Evidence Six Million Jews Were Killed In The Holocaust; U.S. Financially Helped The Rise Of Nazism Between The Two World Wars

#10735 | 01:48
Source: Online Platforms - "Syrian News Agency"

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said that the Jews "who came to Palestine," are pagan converts from Khazars, and not the People of Israel, in a December 18, 2023 speech posted on Syrian Arab news Agency on YouTube. He said that there is no evidence that six million Jews died in the Holocaust and that the Nazis did not employ a special method of torture or killing for the Jews, who were killed just like other victims of World War II. Al-Assad continued to say that the Holocaust was "politicized" and used as a false pretext to transfer the Jews from Europe to Palestine. He also claimed that America was the one who supported the rise of the Nazi in Germany between the world wars.

President Bashar Al-Assad: "Most of us do not know that the rise of Nazism between the two world wars happened with American support. The question on everybody's mind is: "How is it that despite the German collapse and European constraints, Nazism was allowed to rise and build an army?" It was done with American support, money, loans, and investments.

"There is no evidence that six million Jews were killed [in the Holocaust]. Perhaps there were holocausts, nobody denies this.

"True, there were concentration camps, but what shows you that this is a politicized issue, and is not a humanitarian issue, and is not real, how come we talk about these six millions, and not the 26 million Soviets who were killed in that war? Are those six millions more precious? The same acts were everywhere. There was no method of torture or killing specific to the Jews. The Nazis used the same method everywhere. However, this issue was politicized, in order to falsify the truth, and later to prepare for the transfer of the Jews from Europe to other areas, or [rather] to Palestine. The Jews who came to Palestine are Khazar Jews, from east of the Caspian Sea. They were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. They emigrated to Europe, and from there, came to this region. They have nothing to do whatever with the [ancient] people of Israel."

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