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Mar 11, 2021
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Syrian, Iranian, Armenian Ambassadors To China: Western Countries Accuse China Of Genocide Against The Uyghurs To Deflect Attention From The Genocides They Committed In The U.S., Canada, Australia

#8796 | 06:35
Source: Phoenix TV (China/Hong Kong)

Syrian, Iranian, and Armenian Ambassadors to China condemned Western accusations of genocide against Muslim Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Province of China on a show aired on Phoenix TV (China) on March 11, 2021. Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Moustapha said that the Western accusations reflect the mentality of the Western powers and their "false sense of superiority." Iranian Ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarz-Zadeh said that Western countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia had committed crimes of genocide against the local aboriginal populations, and they want to deflect attention from these crimes by accusing China of genocide in Xinjiang. Ambassador Moustapha agreed to this and added that the Western powers are targeting China because it constitutes an alternative successful model to capitalist powers. He added that these Western powers criticize human rights violations in Xinjiang while they themselves are violating human rights and practicing genocide in Syria. Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manassarian said that the policy of sanctions has never been successful.

Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha: "First let me say this. It is very clear that those who are using this term to describe what is happening in the Xinjiang province are just using it as political blackmail against China. However, this is outrageous and it's disrespectful of the true victims of genocide, like the victims of the Armenian genocide. Merely having the temerity of describing all of the efforts is doing in Xinjiang to build up the economy there, to offer employment, reeducation, investment, infrastructure, trying to even educate even on the religious aspects on the enlightened moderate aspects of Islam to the people of Xinjiang. And you compare this to the horrible genocides that took place in history. I think this reflects the mentality of the Western powers, their false sense of superiority. They believe that they are better than anyone. They can commit crimes against humanity against anyone across the globe, and yet with all of the sincere efforts that the Chinese government is doing in the Xinjiang province, they have the temerity of describing it as a genocide."

Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Keshavarz-Zadeh: "War of human rights, genocide, they are interesting slogans. I think they are using it as a scape goat, they are hypocrites. Look at their history, for example the United States. The genocide happened in the United States, not everywhere, the Indians. So we know the history. And who was supporting the Apartheid in Africa?"

Interviewer: "The Dutch."

Keshavarz-Zadeh: "Yes, the Dutch. Now the Canadian, you know? The people there were genocided by the Canadians. Look at Australia, the aboriginal, where are they? We know the history. I suggest them to go back and look at the history. And you saw the genocide, for example happen in China, in Iran. I suggest for them go look at the history, and they are hypocrites, and they are losing this kind of human rights or genocide or other things. They are losing this for providing a system of policy which oppresses the other people."


Moustapha: "The countries that were established on the premise of genocide, like The United States of America, Canada, Australia, and of course Britain and England that actually sent the forces that committed the genocide. That one historical juncture are the countries that try and point their fingers and say, no not only us, other people, other nations are committing genocide. This is outrageous. Instead of looking at your own crimes, you are creating and inventing crimes about others. Now there is this media onslaught against China. Believe me, believe me, It has nothing to do with the Xinjiang province, it has nothing to do with Hong Kong, it has nothing to do with COVID-19. The reason the Western countries are so angry about China and they are doing everything possible to tarnish the image of China, is because China is a successful model, alternative model to their wild Capitalistic model. They cannot accept the idea that another nation can follow its own path and evolve and become a powerful and affluent country. As long as China is successful, they will do everything possible to demonize and vilify China. Whatever you do, whatever you try to explain to the world, come and look at the situation in Xinjiang. Come and understand the actual situation in Hong Kong. Look at our spectacular success in dealing with the COVID-19 virus. They don't care, it's not really about these things. It's about the core issue. Why is China successful and why is China moving forward? They dislike this.


"The countries that criticize China for its alleged human rights abuses are practicing human rights abuses on a larger scale in Syria. This is really an ugly hypocrisy. In my country today, the Western powers are... particularly the United States, France and England, are preventing the Syrian people from buying food and medicine. Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, when we really needed to buy ventilators and medicine and vaccines, because of the sanctions..."

Interviewer: "Yes that reminds me of what your late foreign minister, Mr. Malan used to say that the economic sanctions = economic terrorism."

Moustapha: "Thank you! Thank you! This is economic terrorism. If, god forbid it continues, and continues, and continues, it will lead to economic genocide."


Keshavarz-Zadeh: "You also have the problem of the sanction. We cannot even provide the medicine for our people, you know? We have the money. We want to pay. We want to buy, but they said, they are hypocrites. The medicine is not on the sanctions list, but they closed the banking channel. So if you want to buy for example from Switzerland, you want to buy Medicine, you cannot. It's a genocide!"

Interviewer: "I think since last year there has been dozens of companies sanctioned in Xinjiang as well."

Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manassarian: "I don't remember one case, even in my mind, in modern history, when the policy of sanctions brings policy results. Just negative. The policy of sanctions beings a huge influence of the social level of the population not more."

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