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May 18, 2022
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Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad: Russia Will Stand By Syria Despite Ukraine War; There Is No Democracy In Europe; Our Elections, Parliaments Are Better Than The West

#9576 | 02:30
Source: Syrian TV

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said in a May 18, 2022 show on Syria TV that Western "interference" in Ukraine aims to bring an end to the Russian role in the world. He elaborated that the West is "going after the head" so it will be easier to get rid of countries like Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Mekdad also said that Russia will be successful in Ukraine because it has good intentions towards Ukraine, that the "real threat" to Ukraine comes from the West, and that Ukrainians are dying for American interests. In addition, he said that there is no democracy in the European Union, adding: "Our elections are better than those [in these West]. We have better parliaments than theirs."

Faisal Mekdad: "Our Russian friends stress that they will continue to stand by Syria, for the sake of the liberation of all these lands, for the sake of implementing international law, and for the sake of stopping the occupation.

"I hear all the propaganda... Obviously the war in Ukraine will affect many aspects, and you can see the Western interference in Ukraine, which is meant to bring an end to the Russian role in today's world. They do not go after Syria, Egypt, or Iraq. They go for the head. When you chop off the head, it becomes easier to do away with the others.

"This [plan] has failed, and Russia will have a huge success in Ukraine. This may take time, because of the humanitarian aspects you have heard about. After all, Russia wants to protect people's lives and property. It wants to protect the infrastructure and continue to have good relations with the Ukrainian people.

"It is others who threaten the future of Ukraine. I believe that the real threat to Ukraine comes from the Western countries that have gathered..."

Interviewer: "They exploit Ukraine!"

Mekdad: "They use it, in order to fight to the last Ukrainian. They will fight until the blood of the last Ukrainian is shed, in order to accomplish American interests.


"Do you really think that there is democracy in the European Union? We hear what is happening in their internal meetings. We have friends who tell us that when they talk about Syria, they are threatened with sanctions, even though these are European countries!


"Our elections are better than those [in the West]. We have better parliaments than theirs. They will not have the kind of discussions we have in a million years. I don't know if you follow what's going on in our institutions. At our government meetings, we discuss everything openly."

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