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Sep 28, 2020
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Syria-Based Egyptian Jihadi Sheikh Abu Al-Yaqthan Al-Masri: It Would Be A Great Sin To Leave The Jihad In Syria And Join Azerbaijan In Its War Against Armenia

#8312 | 01:41
Source: The Internet - "YouTube"

Syria-Based Egyptian Jihadi Sheikh Abu Al-Yaqthan Al-Masri said in a video that was uploaded to YouTube on September 28, 2020 that it would be a great sin for Syrian youth to abandon their obligatory Jihad in Syria to go fight alongside Azerbaijan against the Armenians. He said that good intentions would not compensate for the fact that the fighting is taking place between secular forces and Shiite forces, and he warned against fighting alongside "Rafidite armies" that do not want what is best for Jihadis. He also said that there is a risk of serious injury or extradition to the Syrian regime, which he said might result in losing one’s Hereafter. The video was posted in Arabic with English subtitles.

Sheikh Abu Al-Yaqthan Al-Masri: "What is the ruling on going to Azerbaijan as mercenary soldiers to fight against Armenia?


"One of them says: do you know the intention of those travelling to Azerbaijan? Perhaps his intention is jihad in the path of God. How do you know? We say: oh dear brother: the just intention does not make the corrupt work just. Youth going out from Syria and their abandoning the jihad that is obligatory upon them is one of the great sins. And the fighting there is between secular armies and Christians and Shi'a are fighting each other in them. And it is one life that is the most precious thing you possess, so beware of expending it for something besides God. Beware that you should go with the one who will cast you to death without planning and organization and will place you between secular Rafidite armies who love your death and hate good for you. And you may be killed because of their neglect for you or your lose you leg or you lose your eye or you expose yourself to captivity, then you are handed to Bashar Al-Assad so you will be tested in your religion in the prisons of the criminals, so you lose this world and the Hereafter."

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