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May 31, 2017
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In Sydney, Australia, Shiite Scholar Taleb Khozaei Says Wife Must Not Leave Home Without Husband's Permission, Must Always Be Available for Sex

#6258 | 04:51
Source: The Internet - "Hussaineyat Ale Yassin on YouTube"

Throughout the month of Ramadhan, Shi'ite Iraqi scholar Taleb Khozaei delivered lectures at the Hussainayet Ale Yassin Mosque in Sydney, Australia on the duties of the wife toward her husband. In a May 31 sermon, he said that "one of the most important duties of women is to obey their husbands" and that she must obtain his permission to step out of her home or to use his money. In a June 8 sermon, Khozaei said, citing a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, that the wife must make herself available for sex with her husband whenever he wants, "even if she is riding a camel," and that "one of the goals of marriage is to rein in the [husband's] sexual urges." The sermons were posted on the mosque's YouTube channel.


Taleb Khozaei: "The Prophet Muhammad said: 'If Allah had ordered me to make someone bow down before someone else, I would have ordered women to bow down before their husbands.' In that case, bowing down means obedience. Thus, one of the most important duties of women is to obey their husbands. We have some problems. Liberal countries, which call for absolute freedom, have caused us some problems. Islam does not want that. Islam is the pinnacle of progress and freedom, but it keeps freedom in its proper place. When a woman wants to step out of her home, she must obtain the permission of her husband. A woman must not do anything with her husband's money without his permission.


"This is obedience. This is one of her duties. There must be someone in charge of the home, and that is the husband. 'Men are the guardians of women.' It is the man who is in charge. In the home of a couple, there must be a system that consists of the head of the family and his subordinates. The head of the family has rights and duties, and so do the subordinates. This is what is called 'reaction' in English. This is give and take. You have rights, and you have duties. The primary duty of a woman is to obey her husband, not to rebel against him, in things that please Allah and are in accordance with Islamic law.


"I recall a story about a woman whose husband, before going on a trip, said to her: 'Do not leave the house.' He left her everything she needed – food, drink, and a maid. He said to her: 'Do not go out until I return from my trip.' However, Allah inflicted an illness upon her father. When his illness got worse, she wanted to go out of the house. She sent her maid to the Prophet Muhammad, to tell him that she had been ordered by her husband to stay at home, but that her father had now become very ill. The Prophet Muhammad told the maid to tell her to obey her husband and not to leave the house.




"Then some women came and said to her: 'Your father is dying.' 'My husband ordered me not to leave the house,' she said, 'but I will send my maid to the Prophet Muhammad, and I believe that he will give me permission.' The Prophet Muhammad told the maid to tell her: 'Stay at home and obey your husband.' Then her father died, and it was time for the ablution and the shrouding. They wanted to pray over him and bury him. She sent the maid to the Prophet Muhammad, asking what to do. The Prophet Muhammad said: 'Stay home and obey your husband.' After the Prophet Muhammad had prayed over [her father] and they had buried him, the Prophet Muhammad sent some women to her, with the following message: 'Allah has absolved your father and you, because of your obedience to your husband.'




"A woman must make herself available to her husband whenever he wants her, unless there is a religious reason against it. She must give herself to him. This carries a great reward, in addition to being her duty. Even if she is riding a camel, when he says: 'I want [sex]' – while maintaining her modesty and virtue, she must let her husband have it. One of the goals of marriage is to rein in the [husband's] sexual urges. She must give it to him."

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