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Oct 27, 2023
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Australian Islamic Scholar 'Brother Ismail' In Support Of Hamas: Jihad Is The Solution For Our Nation; The Flag Of ISIS And Al-Qaeda Is The Flag Of Our Entire Nation; Sunnis Should Be Ashamed That It Is Iran That Targets Israel

#10602 | 04:42
Source: Online Platforms - " Al Madina Dawah Centre on YouTube and Facebook"

Australian Islamic scholar "Brother Ismail" called on Muslims to wage Jihad in an October 27, 2023 Friday sermon delivered at the Al Madina Dawah Centre in Sydney, Australia. He said: "Jihad is the solution for the Islamic nation." He said that the brothers in Palestine should raise the flag of "there is no god but Allah," that belongs and symbolizes ISIS and Al-Qaeda, so they can die as martyrs. "Brother Ismail" praised Hamas and its military wing Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades as mujahideen, freedom fighters, honorable men.

He condemned "betrayal sheikhs" who wish to suppress the rage of Muslims who cannot wait to wage Jihad and die as martyrs, labeled ISIS as Kharijites, and called those who fight Jihad terrorists. "Brother Ismail" also said that the Sunnis should be ashamed that Iran and the Shi'ites are fighting Israel with bombs and rockets. The full name of "Brother Ismail" was not provided. The sermon was posted both on the YouTube and Facebook accounts of the Al Madina Dawah Centre.

Brother Ismail: "The Muslims [are] so interested, thrilled, and look forward to join the mujahideen.


"My brothers, the Palestinians are not waiting for me and you to come and help them – they are men, they are born and their [inaudible] in their hand, waiting for the day that they die as a martyr. They are welcoming the death. Our enemies don't know that. They don't know what is the meaning of Jihad. Muslims are starving for Jihad. Their hearts are aching for Jihad, they can't wait to be amongst the mujahideen, and die for the sake of Allah.


"The youth is now boiling with emotions and rage for what is happening to their brothers and sisters in Palestine. What is the role of these betrayal sheikhs? To suppress those feelings?


"Now, by Allah, it is a shame on the Muslims. I swear by Allah, it is a shame on me first and foremost, and every single Muslim, who let the brothers down, while the ancestors [sic] of Abu Lu'lu' Al-Majusi [a Persian who killed Caliph Umar], the Rafidites, the Shi'ites, are going and throwing bullets and rockets and missiles here and there, I swear by Allah, it is a shame. It is a shame when you see Iran even giving a statement supporting Palestine, even if it was [only] with words. It is a shame that the Sunnis don't even have the courage to say it in words, while the Shi'ites, the ancestors [sic] of Abu Lu'lu Al-Majusi, they are raising their flags, fighting, and throwing bombs and missiles on Israel.


"By Allah, [the Australians] don't love us and they wish they can kill all of us. You, Muslims living in Australia and carrying [an] Australian citizenship, your blood means something else to them.


"You all have seen those sheikhs, when they spoke about what happened in Syria, they started labeling [as] Kharijites, ISIS, and so on and so forth, now they will come back again for another role, to describe another sect fighting in Palestine as Kharijites. This is their role – to scare the Muslims, making them think that Jihad is terrorism, as their enemy says.


"If the Australian government likes it or not, if the ASIO [Australia Security Intelligence Organization] likes it or not, if they want to deport me from Australia or not, Jihad is the solution for the Islamic nation. There is no other way to defend the Muslims and erase this humiliation from the Islamic nation, but fighting for the sake of Allah.


"Jihad is part of our religion and one of the highest pillars of our religion. Hamas are mujahideen, freedom fighters, and warriors, the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades are the most honorable men, and more honorable than you, who are labeling [them] as terrorists. By Allah, the dirt that is dripping from their shoes is more honored than me.


"You cannot defeat a nation that sees death for the sake of Allah as a gate for Paradise, you cannot defeat soldiers who look at the [gun] barrels of their enemy and they see Paradise through it.


"I say to my Palestinian brothers: Raise the flag of 'there is no god but Allah.' Fight for the sake of the flag of 'there is god but Allah.' The flag of 'there is no god but Allah' represents the Muslims and nothing else. The flag that they talk about, that belongs and is a symbol for ISIS and Al-Qaeda – this is the flag of the Muslims. Raise up the flag of 'there is no god but Allah,' so you die as a martyr."


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