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Mar 09, 2015
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Sunni Syrian Scholar Zein Al-Abideen Threatens Iran: You Are Nothing but a Tiny Island in a Vast Sea

#4869 | 04:46
Source: Online Platforms

Syrian Islamic scholar in exile Muhammad Surour Zein Al-Abideen welcomed the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen. Addressing the Iranians, whom he called "neo-caesars" whose barbarity "is unparalleled in history," Zein Al-Abideen said: "We have run out of patience. Know your true size. You are nothing but a tiny island in a vast sea. Beware its pounding waves, now that the Decisive Storm has blown."

Following are excerpts from his address, which was posted on the Internet on March 9, 2015.

Muhammad Surour Zein Al-Abideen: Since the early days of the [Iranian] neo-caesars in power, they have been talking about "exporting the revolution," and indeed, they backed up their words with deeds. For 36 years, we have been a target of their attacks, the barbarity of which is unparalleled in history. Thus, we have become convinced that we are their number one enemy in this world, and that they are more dangerous to us than any [other] enemy.

They made an alliance with America – which they consider the "Great Satan" – in the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. They entered Baghdad riding an American tanks, and spread corruption, crime, and torture throughout the city.


The people in our Arab world languished under the tyranny and oppression of these neo-caesars. For several years, the people have been asking: Until when will we remain silent in the face of this disgrace?

As we were facing yet another Qarmatian, Ibadi, Safavid attack, nobody trusted the threats of the Arab leaders to fend off the aggressors. For a long time, we were hearing lots of words but saw no deeds. There was no ray of hope anymore. The people in our countries dug a grave in which to bury the Arab nation.

But one morning, we woke up to hear something completely new, the likes of which we have not heard for a long time: Airstrikes by the Saudi air force hit the forces of the Houthis and their allies, in a precise and comprehensive manner throughout Yemen.


The Decisive Storm is most welcome. We have been waiting for it and dreaming about it for a long time. Welcome to the heroes, the offspring of the two great imams, Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab and Muhammad Ibn Saud.


This decision came from the Land of Light, the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, and most of the Arab and Islamic countries hastened to support it, saying to Iran in one voice: "We are fed up. We have run out of patience. Know your true size. You are nothing but a tiny island in a vast sea. Beware its pounding waves, now that the Decisive Storm has blown." To the people who dug a grave in which to bury the Arab nation, we say: This nation will not die before the Day of Resurrection. Never despair of the mercy of Allah. We hope that this storm will not subside until the rightful rule is restored in Yemen, in Syria, and in Iraq. In this grave that you have dug, we will bury the aspirations of the Persians, and of their collaborators in our Arab world. Just as we have done in the past, we will teach them the language of justice, fairness, and equality.


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