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Oct 21, 2004
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A Sunni Iraqi Religious Leader: If Al-Zarqawi Hurts the US - Long Live Al-Zarqawi

#299 | 01:57
Source: Dubai

The following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. 'Abd Al-Salam Al-Kubeisi Of the Iraqi-Sunni Muslim Clerics Council:

Interviewer: Dr. Kubeissi, you threatened to boycott the elections if Falluja would be attacked and as you know, 'Alawi threatened to attack unless Al-Zarqawi was turned over. Does this mean that a clash is unavoidable?

Dr. Kubeissi: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and All-Merciful, I don't believe that any Iraqi, who respects his Iraqiness and the choices of others, would oppose free and fair elections. However, the reality in Iraq is far from being rational, and it has nothing to do with what the Iraqis want. [The Iraqis don't want] elections that shed rivers of blood, and whose purpose is that thousands of people be killed all over Iraq. Therefore, such elections would be nothing but a military coup. Actually, they are different than a military coup in the sense that a military coup can be for a person or a party. But this new military coup… However, this new coup is carried out in the name of the people. It is a crime that people are being killed in the name of the people, for elections that are held for the sake of the people.

All this bombing and killing are done on the pretext of the elections.

The question the Iraqi public raises is: "Who is this Al-Zarqawi for whom they offer all these sacrifices? Is he worth it? Why do they sacrifice all this? is it so that the US can live in peace?" If this is the case, I think any Iraqi will say, "Long live Al-Zarqawi" - If America's well-being depends on killing Al-Zarqawi. But the truth is entirely different. The truth is that this people is being destroyed, its infrastructure is being destroyed. This people is in a desperate state.

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