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Sep 16, 2013
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Sudanese "Tamarod" Movement Spokesman: Chemical Weapons Are Used in Darfur

#3996 | 01:30
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from an address delivered by Bakri Abd Al-Aziz, spokesman for the Sudanese "Tamarod" movement, which was posted on the internet on September 16, 2013.

Bakri Abd Al-Aziz: They say there are chemical weapons in Syria. That's not true. The chemical weapons are in Sudan. Our people are being killed in Darfur. Thousands are dying in Darfur, and they say it is for the sake of religion.

The largest U.S. embassy is in Sudan. It stretches over a million fadan. the largest U.S. embassy is in Sudan, and this is dangerous for the Arab world. The largest Israeli embassy is in south Sudan – over 3 million fadan.

We must awaken for the sake of the Arab national cause. Otherwise, those who purport to be Muslims will lead the Arab nation into internal fighting in the name of Islam.

I know I may be assassinated when I leave here, because I have received death threats, but I am not afraid. For the Sudanese cause, we in the Tamarod movement have called on the entire Sudanese people to take to the streets, but the security forces are detaining innocent people.


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