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Oct 15, 2020
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Sudanese Political Analyst Muhammad Adam: The Time Has Come To Establish Relations With Israel; We Will Not Pay The Price For Other People's Mistakes

#8388 | 01:12
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Sudanese political analyst Muhammad Adam said in an October 5, 2020 interview on Russia Today that the time has come for Sudan to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. He said that Sudan has gained nothing from boycotting Israel, that the time of conflicts is over, and that now is the era of peace and friendship.

Muhammad Adam: "There is no doubt that today the Sudanese no longer talk about Israel being a plundering country and so on. This nonsense, this broken record, is a thing of the past. We will not pay the price or bear the consequences of other people's mistakes. The Sudanese people must join this [political] path in a way that will yield real results in order to establish friendly relations with Israel. What have we gained from our 30 years of boycotting Israel and other countries? We have reaped nothing but ruin, destruction, and the slowing down and even collapse of our country. The time of wars and conflicts is over. Today, we live in an era of peace, of brotherhood, and of establishing mutual ties and interests with Israel."

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