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Dec 29, 2020
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Sudanese Journalist Mahjoub Othman: Sudan And Its Citizens Stand To Gain From Normalization With Israel; 'The Opposition To Normalization With Israel Is Not Based On Logic'

#8634 | 01:58
Source: Sudan TV

Sudanese journalist Mahjoub Othman spoke about the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel on Sudan TV on December 29, 2020. He said that Sudanese citizens stand to gain from normalization, while Israel will only benefit politically and from allowing Israeli planes to travel through Sudanese airspace and to fuel up at Khartoum airport. Othman said that this had already happened during the 1950s when Sudan had relations with Israel. He added that if Sudan's position towards the Palestinian cause is not changed, there would be nothing wrong with such relations. Othman said that the "opposition to normalization with Israel is not based on logic," and Sudan would benefit even if Israel merely refrains from attacking Sudanese citizens.

Mahjoub Othman: "Normalization with Israel..."

Interviewer: "Some say it aims to appease the U.S."

Othman: "It is not like that. I have talked about it before and said that Israel does not stand to benefit much from Sudan. It wants political gain more than anything else. The most it gains is that its planes will be able to pass through Sudan's airspace and maybe fuel its planes in Sudan. This has already happened in the 1950s in the Khartoum airport. I think that Sudan, until now..."

Interviewer: "Did Israeli airplanes fuel up at the Khartoum airport during the 1950s?"

Othman: "El Al airplanes used to land at the Khartoum airport..."

Interviewer: "Was it something secret?"

Othman: "No, it was out in the open. In the 1950s there were relations [with Israel], and El Al airplanes landed and fueled up in Khartoum. This was not a secret. There is nothing wrong with having relations with Israel if they benefit the Sudanese, so long as it is emphasized that Sudan's relations with Israel do not change Sudan's position with regard to the Palestinian cause. The opposition to normalization with Israel is not based on logic. I believe that establishing relations with Israel at this time – in light of the latest developments – will mean a great deal for Sudan. Even if Sudan only gets to avoid Israeli strikes and to save Sudanese souls from being killed by Israelis in the depth of Sudan and in the capital of Khartoum, I believe it would be a great achievement for Sudan."

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