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May 29, 2011
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Sudanese Cleric Sheik Ali Al-Jazouli Pays Homage to Osama Bin Laden and Calls upon Muslims to Attack US Citizens Worldwide

#3003 | 07:33
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Sudanese cleric Sheik Ali Al-Jazouli, which aired on the Internet, on May 29, 2011:

Sheik Ali Al-Jazouli: The notion of the importance of tipping the global balance of terror in favor of the Muslims is the guiding principle of Osama Bin Laden. What is the outcome of this guiding principle? It is what I told you in a previous Friday sermon, about an article written by Friedman Thomas. The American Jew Friedman Thomas wrote an article in The Washington Post, titled "Dialogue with the Rebels." He wrote that in light of the rising hatred of America, the White House should know that it must deal with the Islamic world as it is, and not as the White House would like it to be. He wrote that if the Islamic world gives us three things, we should disengage from it, and let peoples of the region establish whatever regimes they want.

Osama Bin Laden is the reason for this. The [Americans] reached this conclusion not because of our armies, which amass weapons until they rust, not because of our politicians, who are part and parcel of the US order in our region, and not because of the Islamic groups, which were diverted from true religion by marginal issues. This was achieved thanks to the efforts of Osama Bin Laden.

America, which demanded that we Americanize our education system, as well as our culture, our media, our laws, our regimes, our legislation, and even our religion itself, is now saying – through Friedman Thomas – that it demands three things only: oil, low prices, and gentle treatment of Israel. This reduction in the American demands was made possible through the efforts of Osama Bin Laden. This was achieved not through ballot boxes, but through ammunition boxes.

The Arabs are happy because of their "great victory" in the 1973 war. Do you know the extent of the losses of the Zionist entity in that war? 1,730,000 dollars. Do you know the extent of the losses of the US – according to the White House itself – in the 10 years that it was chasing Osama Bin Laden? Do you know the extent of the US losses through the efforts of Osama Bin Laden's children? Thirty thousand billion! Thirty trillion dollars! That's 30 trillion dollars!

Let me give you just a few examples, because some people say: "How can we possibly tip the balance of terror with the US? This is very difficult." Difficult?! Today, American citizens are not safe when they swim at Sharm Al-Sheikh. They are not safe when they arrive at Khartoum Airport. They are not safe when they stroll in the streets of Cameroon. If they walk down 61 Street, here in Khartoum, they will bump into young mujahideen, who will slaughter them. They are not safe. The necessity of striking the US in any place and at any time epitomized the brilliance of the method [of Bin Laden].


The American aerial transport companies FedEx and UPS… Some people say that it is impossible to terrorize and harm the US because an ant cannot confront an elephant. Let me give you, by way of example, two operations that occurred in one month – how much damage they caused America and how much terror they spread.

Using an HP printer worth 180 or 200 dollars, and explosives that cost no more than a hundred dollars, Osama's army raided the American UPS and FedEx companies for aerial transport, which own 600 cargo planes and deliver four million packages a day. They lost 70 billion dollars because of an operation that cost 400 dollars.

Another example is the operation of the blessed Nigerian brother Umar Farouk, who took a plane to Germany, and from there to Detroit. This operation cost only the price of the plane tickets, and explosives belt that he kept in his shoes, but it forced to US to change the security measures in 70 domestic airports. This has cost the US 120 billion dollars. The cost of changing the security in 70 airports was 120 billion dollars. Blessed be the hands of Osama and Osama's army.


Dear brothers, from now on, we will not be waiting for communiqués by Osama. We are all Osamas!

Crowds: Allah Akbar!

Allah Akbar!

Sheik Ali Al-Jazouli: We will not wait for Osama's communiqués. We are all Osamas.

Dear brothers, from now on, each and every one of us must cleanse himself from the sin of being remiss in supporting our religion, and from the sin of refraining from waging Jihad for the sake of Allah. In addition, each and every one of us should seek his role in instating the religion of Allah upon the Earth. He must wash his hands of the regimes ruling by a man-made law. He must believe in the necessity of attacking the US – it people, its economy, its military forces and its civilians all over the world… "Civilians" is a new term. I don't know where they got it from…


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