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Jan 08, 2019
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Sudanese Anti-Regime Rap Video: Down with the Islamist Government; We Want Justice, Peace, and Freedom

#6962 | 02:02
Source: Online Platforms - "Rapper Aziz on social media"

A video by Sudanese rapper Aziz was uploaded to the Internet on January 8, 2019, against the backdrop of recent protests against the government of President Omar Al-Bashir. In his song, the rapper says that he is sending a message from people "dying in a dead country… [whose] mental abilities have been disrespected for a long time." He said that the Sudanese people are yearning for change, and that justice, peace, and freedom are their objectives. He lamented the fact that the government has responded to the protests with bullets and tear gas, and he said: "Down with the government of corruption and distress… Down with the Islamist government."


Aziz: A few words which have been taken from pieces of paper

to express the feelings of people who are dying in a dead country –

people whose mental abilities have been disrespected for a long time.

Generation after generation, the people have been yearning for change.

In a brief summary, the people are protesting against the regime.

Women, men, old, and young…

All have come out singing.

Justice, peace, and freedom are our objective.

Unfortunately, the sound of bullets was the response.

Martyr after martyr… Unfortunately, the percentage is increasing every time,

just because they are demanding their rights – demanding the bare minimum.

The martyr who sacrifices his blood for his country [would have] lived happily.

A racist government controlled the minds of the previous generation

and made them forget the cause.

It kept the masses silent and killed so many.

The main problem is they respond to you by saying

that the situation is 100% perfect.





This uprising was not because of a high cost of living,

between gasoline and cash and scarcity of bread.

Man, we don’t have access to many things in this country.




To the government of Al-Bashir, the situation is very stable.

Down with the government of corruption and distress,

the government which has made us live all degrees of pain.

A question for the regime’s officers, for the soldiers of injustice,

[and] for anyone who is beating us: How much is your salary?

Now, a message from my small platform

to all who care about our issue everywhere –

journalists, politicians, and even Twitter users.

Because we have become aware, the [government] is shooting us with bullets, man.

The government dared us to go out to the square,

and before we finished talking, it fired at us tear gas bombs.

Terrorism, robbery, beating, and stealing are taking place everywhere.

Down, down, down with the government of the Islamists.

In life, there is no problem without a solution.

Give the country to its youth and let them become officials.

And to anyone who feels shy and remains silent like the media:

Bullets don’t kill, man. People’s apathy kills.





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