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Jul 17, 2011
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Stereotypical Portrayal of Jews on Egyptian TV as Organ Traffickers, Willing to Sell Out Their Relatives for a Quick Buck

#3037 | 03:12
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from a skit which aired on the Egyptian Mehwar TV on July 17, 2011:

Egyptian actress: The Jews trade in everything, so obviously, they have not neglected organ trafficking. I have recently seen someone haggle over a pancreas in order to save five shekels.

"Jewish" grandfather: What is this weird news?

Elisha, grandson: Grandpa, why are you so surprised?

Grandfather: This news would make even a glutton like you stop eating.

Granddaughter: What's the news, grandpa? That newspaper is from yesterday.

Grandfather: That's the strange thing. It is from yesterday and I only noticed it now. This news is worth 100,000 shekels.

Elisha, grandson: I'm reading an item about the Knesset. How much is it worth, grandpa?

Grandfather: Shut up. Someone here wants to buy a kidney for 100,000 shekels.

Elisha, grandson: A kidney for 100,000?! How much for the entire cadaver?

Grandfather: Do the math – how much for a liver, how much for a pancreas, a spleen, a brain, and a mouth?

Elisha, grandson: The brain should be calculated separately.

Grandfather: Speak for yourself. Your brain wouldn't fetch even a single shekel.

Elisha, grandson: I know…

Granddaughter: Idiots make a good living… Let's finish eating.

Grandfather: What are you talking about?! Aren't we supposed to help someone who is sick?

Elisha, grandson: Why should we help him, grandpa?

Grandfather: We will benefit from this too. Good things will come to all of us. He will take the kidney, we will take the money, and we'll all be happy. So, are you in?

Elisha, grandson: If she wants to, she's free to do it.

Granddaughter: What do you mean? Do you want to sell my kidney?

Grandfather: Kids, you are still young. What do you need two kidneys for?

Granddaughter: Let me tell you something, Elisha. How about we let this fall on Grandpa Shimon? He's an old man. What does he need his kidney for? We'd better take the money and have fun.

Elisha, grandson: No, it's his kidney, and he can do whatever he likes with it.

Granddaughter: I'll tell you what, grandpa. Let's have Elisha sell his kidney. He's young, what does he need his kidney for? We'd better take the money and have fun. Let's flip a coin, and make sure the idiot loses.

Grandfather: Elisha, how about flipping a coin? Whoever wins will sell his kidney.

Elisha, grandson: Agreed.

Grandfather: Good boy, Elisha. Heads or tails?

Elisha, grandson: Do you take me for an idiot? Heads, of course.

Grandfather and granddaughter: Heads it is!

Elisha, grandson: Yes! I won!

Grandfather and granddaughter: Congratulations.

Elisha, grandson: I won a kidney.

Grandfather: Actually, you lost a kidney.

Elisha, grandson: Thank God anyway.


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