August 16, 2004
Clip No.

Spokesman for Muqtada Al-Sadr: If American Forces Enter Najaf, There Will Be a Massacre

Raed Al-Qazimi, official spokesman for Muqtada Al-Sadr spoke on Al-'Alam TV. The following are excerpts:

There is a conspiracy against Al-Sadr's movement. A conspiracy against Al-Sadr's movement has been hatched by some who unfortunately, and I am sorry to say so, political forces that did not present any proof of their claims.

I declare from here that their fossilized brains tell them that entering Najaf will bring an end to the crisis. I tell them that Al-Sadr's movement is a popular movement, which includes millions from Mosul to Basra.

What is happening in Najaf? By Allah, if, heaven forbid, they enter, the army of Imam Al-Mahdi is there and its soldiers will make the sacrifice for their holy places, their honor, and the Iraqi honor. There will be a massacre. I call on them to be rational and to solve the crisis by negotiation.